Parcel volumes in the Corona crisis: Week-long Christmas (infographic)

Parcel volumes in the Corona crisis: Week-long Christmas (infographic)
Published on: May 22, 2020
Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Anyone currently following the news has already noticed that orders in online retail are skyrocketing. We wanted to find out more and compared the days with the highest sales last year with the current package volume.

Comparison of different events & industries


We have analyzed our internal data in terms of different industries (book retail, electronics & multimedia, discount retail, grocery and furniture retail) and the most important and top-selling events in 2019 (Valentine's Day, Easter, Black Friday and Christmas) and here are the results:

Valentine's Day 2019

Valentine's Day cannot match the one during the Corona crisis in terms of parcel volume in any sector. In the "Books" segment, we currently recorded a 7.25 percent increase in parcel volume compared to Valentine's Day 2019. In the "Electronics & Multimedia" segment, the result is astonishing: an 88.49 percent increase in parcel volume during the Corona crisis. "Discount" recorded an increase of 41.43 percent, as well as "Grocery" 72.43 percent. Orders are also currently going up in the furniture retail sector. Compared to Valentine's Day 2019, 32.62 percent more orders were currently placed.

Easter 2019

Easter's parcel volume is also failing to make an impact. In "Books", the current parcel volume is 12.33 percent higher than last year's volume at Easter time. The orders in the "Electronics & Multimedia" sector can also be seen here. We can currently report an increase of no less than 138.05 percent there. In the "discount retail" sector, the increase is 55.91 percent and in the "food retail" sector a considerable 86 percent. Furniture retail" is currently showing a 60.14 percent increase in parcel volumes.

Black Friday 2019

Together with Christmas, Black Friday is one of the strongest sales days of the year for retailers. But in the current situation, many industries show higher package volume than Black Friday 2019. "Books" are certainly not among them. Last year, Black Friday saw a 57.72 percent increase in package volume. So books are not currently among the most popular items. But here, too, the "Electronics & Multimedia" segment is ahead of the high-turnover Black Friday. The current package volume is 78.41 percent higher than that of Black Friday 2019. "Discount retail" is also currently unable to compete with the order volume. Last year, Black Friday saw 5.48 percent more shipments than the current Corona crisis. "Grocery", on the other hand, is currently able to record a 65.92 percent increase in package volume. In "furniture retail", the volume is 7.33 percent higher than Black Friday 2019.

Christmas 2019

Arguably the busiest time of year for sales is before Christmas. Orders skyrocket as Christmas gifts are now predominantly purchased online. But what about the comparison of Christmas 2019 and Covid-19? "Books" don't seem to be any more popular than at Christmas at the moment either, with a 62.25 percent higher package volume recorded there last year than at the moment. The "Electronics & Multimedia" sector is probably unbeatable at the moment - even Christmas doesn't stand a chance there. The order volume is currently 17.28 percent higher than the volume at Christmas time. Discount retail" is also currently more popular than at Christmas, with an increase of 7.97 percent. "Grocery" is also currently scoring with an increase of 19.46 percent, as well as "Furniture" with an increase of 2.1 percent compared to Christmas 2019.

Covid-19 vs the most important events of 2019 (infographic)

Package volume at the time of the Corona crisis can keep up with last year's key events in most industries.

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