Optimize customer satisfaction during the peak season

Optimize customer satisfaction during the peak season
Published on: Oct 20, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

As a general rule, the brands that perform best during the peak season are those that prepare for it the earliest. When customers receive quality service during their holiday shopping, they are more likely to repeat their purchase. But here's the thing: according to Accenture, 87% of organizations believe that traditional experiences no longer satisfy customers. Fortunately, parcelLab reveals some tips for maximizing customer satisfaction during the peak season.

Give your customers more autonomy

Your customers and prospects want quick answers, and naturally you want to be able to assist them. However, at the same time, you also want to decrease the volume of inbound calls, especially during peak season. By providing them with information before they ask for it, you can meet all of these expectations quickly. For example, package tracking or order status pages are customized pages that provide customers with real-time information about their order. By using a tracking page, you can reduce your inbound call rate: customers will have access to specific delivery information, and they will receive real-time notifications. They are reassured to know that any events related to their order will be proactively notified to them on that same page, so they don't feel the need to call.

Be proactive

According to Microsoft, 96% of consumers worldwide say that customer service is a deciding factor in determining their loyalty to a brand.To satisfy customers, brands need to rethink how they communicate. First, don't just send out standard operational notifications, but consider what customers want to know and determine the right time to communicate to them. Second, from all of this data, create a communication flow that meets customers' needs, whether it's before shipment or upon delivery. This will make the most emotional part of the customer journey a breeze. By providing your customers with all the information they need, they'll feel reassured, even during holiday shopping.

Play it close

How can a brand exceed customer expectations during the peak season? By personalizing all of its communications with relevant content: associated products, reviews of selected products... To be identifiable, the design must be in the brand's colors and the content must show the customer that he is valued. Providing a memorable experience increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Order status pages can also leverage customers' personal data to provide a relevant, 100% personalized experience. The solution is simple and effective: offer cross-selling and increase the number of reviews on your products. This will also allow you to increase your revenue before, during and after the holidays.

So, ready to get started?

To summarize, you can satisfy your customers by simply informing them. During peak season, adopt proactive, personalized communication to reduce the volume of customer service requests and relieve the pressure on your teams. Customers will enjoy a simple delivery experience and will return to your online store without hesitation.In other words: you can convert seasonal buyers into long-term loyal customers.

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