Keep your customers happy this peak season

Keep your customers happy this peak season
Published on: Oct 30, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Typically, the brands that are the most successful during peak season are those that start preparing early. Planning ahead allows everything to go as smoothly as possible, even on the busiest days. And when customers receive a high quality service during peak season, they're more likely to shop again. But here's the thing: Accenture reports that 87% of organisations now believe that traditional experiences no longer satisfy customers. Thankfully, parcelLab have some some tips that will keep your customers happy this peak season.

Provide a self-service option

Your prospects and customers want quick answers, and you want to give it to them. Meanwhile, you're also keen to reduce your enquiry rate, especially during peak season. Therefore, offering a self-service tool is a quick way to satisfy everyone. A Track and Trace page, or Order Status page, is a customised landing page that provides customers with instant, real-time details about their order. Using an Order Status page will help reduce your inbound call rate because it provides customers with specific details about their order, its delivery and any real-time updates as they occur. Customers feel confident that any updates will be communicated to them proactively via the Order Status page, so they do not feel the need to call in.

Be proactive

According to Microsoft, 96% of consumers worldwide say that customer service is an important factor in whether they’re loyal to a brand. To make customers happier, brands should reconsider the way that the communicate. First, they should go beyond standard operational notifications, and consider what the customer wants to know. Think about when they'd benefit from updates. Then, with all this information in mind, create a communication workflow that fits their customers' needs, from pre-dispatch to delivery. This will make the most emotional part of the customer journey a breeze. By providing customers with all the information that they need, customers will feel reassured, even during peak season.

Be personal

How can a brand go beyond expectations this peak season? A good way is to make all communications personal. By adding highly personalised, targeted content, such as related products, or reviews of their chosen products, brands can keep their customers engaged. By staying consistent with their tone and branding, content feels familiar and recognisable. Additionally, brand should create copy that makes the customer feel like a valued individual. Brands should delight their customers throughout. This will not only make customers happy, but will encourage loyalty. Additionally, Order Status pages can use customers’ individual data is used for a highly personalised and relevant experience. So, cross-selling and adding product reviews into your workflow is easy and efficient. This will help to increase your sales and revenue - before, during and after peak season.

Ready to get started?

In conclusion, keeping customers informed is an easy way to keep them happy. During peak season, proving personalised, proactive communication will reduce your customer enquiry rate and take the pressure off of your support teams. Customers will enjoy an easy delivery process and will feel comfortable returning to your online shop in the future. This means you can turn one-off seasonal shoppers into long-term customers. To learn more about how post-purchase communications can reduce your inquiry rate, watch our webinar now.

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