Inside parcelLab: Nisi im Job-Interview

Inside parcelLab: Nisi im Job-Interview
Published on: Jul 23, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Denisa Matei - Fullstack Developer


Name: Denisa Ioana Matei aka Nisi

Age: 31

Position at parcelLab: Fullstack Developer

Origin: Born in Timişoara (Romania), but grew up near Stuttgart (Germany)

1. Briefly tell us what your usual working day at parcelLab is like?

Difficult to say, as every day just looks different for us. Some days I get to let off steam creatively and work on new tickets (i.e. develop anything new on our software) and other days I help colleagues:inside when something needs to be improved because, for example, an error has occurred. But what I do every day when I come into the office is to get a coffee and laugh with my colleagues.

2. What does your professional career look like?

I graduated from high school in 2008. After that, I studied Media Management at the Stuttgart Media University for three semesters until I realized that this is not what I want to do. In March 2011, I started the Foreign Trade program at the European School of Business in Reutlingen and also graduated. After graduating, I worked in field sales at Hilti and in sales at a start-up until I decided to do a Master's in Business Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. During my master's degree, I worked in different areas until I was recommended to parcelLab and started working there as a developer.

3. What do you like most about parcelLab and your job?

Quite a lot. I like the short decision-making processes, the loving and humorous cooperation and it never gets boring with the colleagues. In the DEV team, here and there a hackathon is started or a first-person shooter game is played (unfortunately, I'm out of that as a non-gamer, but watching is still fun). In the summer, we often go out to the table tennis table and much more.

4. what makes parcelLab unique in your opinion?

The people and the working atmosphere! ❤️

5. What are the characteristics of the perfect parcelLab applicant?

He/she should be motivated, able to propose and advance his/her own solutions without losing the fun in the work.

6. How would you describe the working atmosphere at parcelLab? 

Relaxed, creative and challenging - but most of all relaxed!

7. What has been your favorite moment at parcelLab so far? And why?

There have actually been too many already, but the cooking sessions with my team and the 4th anniversary celebration are at the top of my list.

8. What qualities and strengths were you able to gain during your time at parcelLab? 

Coming straight out of university, I first learned programming "on the job".

9. What challenges did you already have to face during your time at parcelLab and how did you overcome them?

Studying and working can be exhausting, but somehow you also get used to it. Just like (almost) everything in life.

10. What makes Munich so attractive to you?

The possibilities you have. You can spend a day at the lake or in the mountains and it doesn't get boring. But you can also dance the night away and take advantage of the cultural offerings. So there is always something on offer.

11. What three terms would your colleagues use to describe you? 

Phew, I really have no colleagues:inside have to tell me. But I will ask.

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