Inside parcelLab: Huyen im Job-Interview

Inside parcelLab: Huyen im Job-Interview
Published on: Feb 29, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022


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Name: Huyen Tran aka chicken, chicken wing, ice queen

Age: 27 years

Position at parcelLab: Feelgood Manager

Origin: Berlin - Pankow

1. Briefly tell us what your usual working day at parcelLab is like?

With me there is actually no real everyday life, because every day is different. Most of the time, I look at what's coming up in the near future and then prioritize. But what is the same for me every day: When I arrive, I first get myself a ginger-lemon tea with a squeeze of lime. What colleagues also have to consider (but fortunately they already know that): Since I'm a real morning person, I'm usually unresponsive before 12 noon. It can be done, but it should be avoided.

2. What do you like most about parcelLab and your job?

What I like most about parcelLab is the flat hierarchies and the collegial interaction with each other. That is not a matter of course and that is why I feel so comfortable here.

3. What makes parcelLab unique in your opinion?

That there is a lot to laugh about (good for the abs) and you have a lot of fun together. Here, the respective position does not play a role. In addition, the founders always have an open ear for every single employee. If you have a particular concern, be it professional or private, they are happy to help. I have to say that I enjoy coming to work every day.

4. What are the characteristics of the perfect parcelLab applicant?

Nobody is perfect! But the most important qualities in an applicant should be humor and collegiality. In addition, humanity is very important to us, because we all get along very well with each other.

5. How would you describe the working atmosphere at parcelLab?

Very good and mega relaxed, because you can talk about everything with your colleagues and many friendships have formed. We often do something together after work: House parties at Chicken are legendary.

6. What has been your favorite moment at parcelLab so far? And why?

I don't even know where to start on this one. The list is very long, as there have been so many great moments at parcelLab. But one of my highlights was our anniversary party in summer, because it even made it into the "Polizei München" tweet. @Toni: So I have fulfilled your wish - with pleasure!

7. What qualities and strengths did you gain during your time at parcelLab?

I have been able to take on more and more responsibility for different topics since I started at parcelLab. I have grown a lot from this - both professionally and as a person. In addition, I was allowed to take on new topics (financial accounting & event planning), which I really enjoy and bring a bit of variety.

8. What challenges did you already have to face during your time at parcelLab and how did you master them?

At parcelLab there are new challenges every day, so you never get bored. But with teamwork and open communication, these are quickly mastered together.

9. What makes Munich so attractive to you?

As a Berlin City Girl, Munich is just fine for me. There are many cool spots where you can spend your free time. I have to admit, I imagined it to be more stuffy. But there are quite cool corners that also remind me a bit of Berlin (Bahnwärter Thiel and Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap).

10. How would you spend your perfect weekend?

Since I'm very spontaneous, I do what I feel like at the moment. As long as I don't have to be active in sports, it's all good.

11. What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

  • Morning grump
  • Speaky
  • Organized
  • Complainers

Sorry, but I couldn't decide!

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