How to make customers happy with good shipping information

How to make customers happy with good shipping information
Published on: Mar 8, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Peter Chaljawski is one of the big names in German e-commerce. Started in 2005 with a single product and an eBay sales account, the hobby DJ has turned his company Chal-Tec into one of Germany's most successful online trading companies. Without investor funds, without elaborate marketing but always profitable, the Berlin-based online retailer currently sells over 7,000 products in the electronics, sports, lighting and modern living ranges on 13 of its own platforms in 18 European countries. In the process, it makes over 100 million euros in sales per year without much fanfare. Where the secret of Chal-Tec's success lies? We believe: in its customer focus. We were able to experience this live during a joint project, as parcelLab's communication solution has been implemented at Chal-Tec since 2015.

The customer wants shipping information

If you look at Chal-Tec's numbers, it's clear: customer service must be a real challenge with such a high international headcount. So many customers speaking 12 different languages - and they all want to know: Where is my package? "Classic shipping notification and tracking just wasn't good enough for our customers," recalls Sebastian Leiß, Business Process Manager at Chal-Tec. "Today, customers want to know about all the stages of their parcel - especially in case of delays." That's why in 2015, the shipper was looking for a solution that could proactively and automatically inform its customers about shipping delays. "Similarly, we wanted just one solution for our different brands, languages and carriers," Leiss said. And that's where parcelLab came in: our communication solution informs customers fully automatically via email about the shipping time, any delays and the exact delivery time and location - for example, if the package was dropped off at a neighbor's house because the customer was not to be found. Our figures show that our information is very relevant for customers: We send out around 250,000 customer emails a day - over 70 percent of which are opened on average. So we are already proactively answering the most important customer inquiries. The customer does not have to contact the sender himself and ask. The result: more satisfied customers. And more satisfied customers rate better. On the other hand, better informed customers also mean less effort for the retailer. Chal-Tec can confirm this: since August 2015, the number of customer inquiries about shipping has dropped by 24 percent.

Simplified processes in the back end, too


But it's not just direct customer communication that benefits from parcelLab's integration at Chal-Tec. The Berlin-based shipper also uses the solution to analyze the performance and quality of its logistics service providers. "This enables us to better understand the various shipping processes and better manage our service providers," explains Leiß.

Since the uncomplicated and fast integration of parcelLab at Chal-Tec has shown such good results so far, the Berliners are already thinking about implementing further subsystems of the solution in their store and BI systems. After all, our solution can do much more than just inform customers about the status of their parcel - for example, it can include product recommendations in the shipping status emails or in the track-and-trace page in the store, thus increasing the repurchase rate by 2 to 3 percent. It's always amazing to see how many small adjustments good customer service can make to the business.

The press release and detailed information on the collaboration with Chat-Tec can be found here.

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