How brands can optimize their touchpoints using operations experience management

How brands can optimize their touchpoints using operations experience management
Published on: Apr 25, 2022
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Due to the digitalization of commerce, numerous opportunities are open - but some challenges for positive customer interaction also arise. The pandemic in particular required many brands to rethink their post-purchase communication, as customer service at many brands was confronted by a flood of inquiries about the ordering process, shipping status, delivery delays, and so on.

This information is still often left to shipping service providers, causing brands to miss out on important customer touch points. If there are additional delays in feedback due to the high volume of requests, this can lead to customer disgruntlement and subsequently negative online reviews. But how can post-purchase communication be improved?

Increasing customer satisfaction

Brands benefit from the individual and direct handling of communication as well as the personalization of customer interaction. This can increase customer satisfaction and minimize customer inquiries - especially on promotion days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. How can this be done? With the help of Operations Experience Management (OXM), as IT Manager at SportsAndMore (SAM) Marco Hörmann confirms:

"In addition, many [customers] write that the process and communication about it worked so smoothly and easily that they are happy to shop with us again. This shows us how important post-purchase communication is for customer loyalty. [...] We were able to reduce customer inquiries via e-mail and chat by 18%, and calls by as much as 26%. Quick information that customers would otherwise have to ask for is provided to them automatically."

SportsAndMore (SAM) - an online store for sporting goods and apparel - has already been benefiting from the parcelLab solution for two years. This cooperation came about through a recommendation from the ERP software company 4Sellers, which has been working with SportsAndMore for almost ten years and sees parcelLab as a holistic answer for post-purchase communication.

No extra effort for the brand


The technical implementation into SportsAndMore's system was easy and through the cooperation with 4Sellers everything works with little effort for SAM.

"Once the system is set up, it's up and running and we don't have to deal with it anymore. It simplifies the workflow a lot," Marco explains. "Because of the close cooperation with 4Sellers, everything works with little configuration effort by us. Also, parcelLab's interface is super easy, so it's simple and fast to use."

The seamless implementation into the complex system and the smooth workflow is also emphasized by 4Sellers.

"The ideal situation in such a collaboration is that the implementation of a new module is so easy that you don't have to allocate any additional resources for it on the customer side."

By automating many internal processes, they can be both simplified and accelerated.

Close personal contact plays an important role for 4Sellers, especially at the beginning of the collaboration. That's what the team found at parcelLab:

"A regular exchange, short communication channels and quick answers to questions make the partnership so pleasant and effective."

For 4Sellers, it is important that the wishes of their customers - for example SAM - are taken into account in order to relieve them technically. In addition, the 4Sellers team must be sure that they have a reliable partner at their side, as great trust on the part of their customers is necessary when recommending them to others.

SportsAndMore: 6 advantages at a glance

How can we summarize the benefits that e-commerce retailer SportsAndMore has seen since working with parcelLab? Here are six advantages at a glance:

  • Technical relief, flawless implementation & a wishful process
  • .
  • Full control over messaging
  • .
  • Support & help for customer service
  • .
  • 22 percent fewer customer inquiries
  • 15 percent increase in positive customer reviews on independent review platforms
  • .
  • 70 percent increase in transactional email open rate

For more details on how SportsAndMore benefited from our solution, check out the full SportsAndMore Success Story.

Want to improve the customer journey and interact optimally? Whether reducing returns, increasing cart size, or maximizing other touchpoints, feel free to get in touch. Our experienced Operations Experience Management (OXM) team will find the right solution to your challenges and drive higher customer engagement and revenue.


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