Get to know the parcelLab team on our sixth birthday

Get to know the parcelLab team on our sixth birthday
Published on: Aug 29, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Although it is hard to believe, we're celebrating our sixth birthday at parcelLab this week. So much has changed in those six years! The parcelCrew now has over 100 employees from 20+ countries. We now support over 500 brands from around the world to keep them closer to their customers.

To celebrate our sixth birthday, we reached out to our team and asked them to reflect on their journeys with parcelLab. Here are six questions for the parcelCrew on our sixth birthday! 

How did you first cross paths with parcelLab?


My friend had recently posted about parcelLab and how they were looking for people in my field. So, I applied, came down to Munich, met Julian and the rest of the parcelLab crew and immediately knew I wanted to be there. I was honestly sold on the whole thing immediately and knew I would accept if I was offered a spot on the team.

Through AngelList. I had a “match” there with parcelLab and so got to know Tobi, Julian, and Toni. After speaking to the founders, I decided that I want to be part of it… A real love story!

What were your first impressions while working for parcelLab?

I was impressed by the HR processes and how well they have thought about every details. I really liked the onboarding steps and the strong support during those first months.

I loved the welcoming and friendly atmosphere. More like a family. In this environment I was able to grow personally as well as professionally – started as a working student and now I’m a full-time employee.

What's your biggest highlight while working here so far?

Probably being able to work on a really good opportunity with a prospect after only 3 weeks at parcelLab. The trust and independence is great.

Being able to skateboard inside the office!

What would you do if you were CEO for the day?

Going to the office, getting breakfast, check what's on the schedule. Afterwards speak to colleagues handling important stuff and support them or give advice. After that I would focus on the topics where I can push the company forward. I would hire an assistant for the boring stuff and buy a Tischkicker for the office.

Organize a "business" trip to ship us all to Tulum Image







What do you think about parcelLab being a Digital First company?

Not so sure who loves this setup more, me or my dog? ????aaah... and let's not forget about "workations"!????

I'm thrilled with this shift. As an American, I've always been motivated by performance (not long hours in the office) and I'm happiest when I control my schedule.  

We're hiring across every department. And we're Digital First, so wherever you are is good with us! Take a look at our available jobs now to start your career with parcelLab.

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