Free white paper: Increase shipping yields

Free white paper: Increase shipping yields
Published on: Dec 16, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

How to increase your online store's return on investment with logistics


The causes of declining returns in e-commerce are manifold: Increased costs that have to be spent to acquire a new customer, ever higher price wars and the most dangerous returns culture since the beginning of distance selling. E-commerce retailers are therefore required to have their processes under control.

While most other processes at many online retailers now function smoothly, quickly and to the satisfaction of customers, logistics still offers considerable potential for optimization. However, practice also shows that companies that already optimize their logistics benefit from the improvements in terms of time, organization and ultimately financially.


This white paper therefore aims to outline starting points and solutions for countering the increasing international competition, the need to cut costs and the ever-changing customer needs. On 18 pages, we will use tangible practical examples to show you how you can eliminate hidden cost drivers, turn unused marketing potential into cash, and keep your finger on the pulse of the times with innovative technologies.

We are particularly pleased to introduce you to our partners Printmate and adnymics. You can download the whitepaper here. Enjoy reading.

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