Free guide: How online retailers make their customers happy with the perfect 'unboxing' experience

Free guide: How online retailers make their customers happy with the perfect 'unboxing' experience
Published on: May 6, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

An online purchase ends not with the click of the order button, but with delivery - and not just because the legislator has stipulated it that way. For customers, too, the moment of unpacking is the emotional climax of their ordering process. Online retailers who accompany their customers at this moment not only increase their satisfaction, but also their own sales. How online retailers offer their customers the perfect 'unpacking experience' is explained in the free guide "Online Retailer Guide: After-Sales Services 2017" by Adnymics in cooperation with parcelLab and printmate.

Munich, April 06, 2017 - German e-commerce has become more and more beautiful in recent years. Elaborately designed stores in flat design, personalized assortments, large-format product images, 360-degree views, sophisticated advisory features - today, online retailers are putting more effort than ever into getting their visitors to click the buy button. Only after the click, it's business as usual: brown shipping boxes, impersonal confirmation emails, rudimentary delivery choices, and a bunch of uninteresting package inserts to boot. At the most emotional and important moment of the online buying process for the customer - unpacking the order - online retailers continue to waste valuable potential for intensive customer loyalty, branding and future sales.

This is because a perfect 'unboxing experience' not only conveys positive emotions, such as anticipation and excitement. "It also expresses the appreciation that the online retailer has for its customer," says Dominik Romer, founder and CEO Adnymics. "And it shouldn't end with the click of the buy button." To help online retailers on their way to the perfect 'unpacking experience', the Munich-based start-up has put together a free guide in collaboration with parcelLab and printmate. The "Online Retailer Guide: After-Sales Services 2017" shows retailers how to strengthen their brand, improve customer loyalty, generate positive reviews and reduce their returns rate with personalized inserts, individual packaging and personal messages around shipping tracking.

Theory, tips and practical examples - that's the "Online Retailer Guide: After-Sales Services 2017".

The guidebook explains in detail how online retailers can apply various after-sales services and what benefits they can expect from the individual services for their own business. Interviews with experts deepen the topics explained and provide valuable insights and suggestions for their own business. And because online retailers learn best from other online retailers, practical examples are also included: Well-known companies such as Shoepassion and Chal-Tec, as well as newcomers like TaTeeTaTa, let us take a look at their cards and report on how they use after-sales services and what concrete effects their use has had on their daily business. The "Online Retailer Guide: After-Sales Services 2017" thus offers a comprehensive source of information on the perfect 'unpacking experience' with which online retailers can turn one-time buyers into regular customers.

The "Online Retailer Guide: After-Sales Services 2017" is now available for free download at

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