Customer Experience Trends - Experience Loyalty schlägt Brand Loyalty

Customer Experience Trends - Experience Loyalty schlägt Brand Loyalty
Fri, 09/25/2020


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Experience Loyalty beats Brand Loyalty

The days when companies could use advertising alone to define what customers think about them are over.
In the age of social media, customers influence a brand's image themselves and directly.
And in doing so, they evaluate not only product quality, but the entire brand experience. We were allowed to explain what this means in a guest article for Horizont.


Lidl launches Lidl Plus in Germany

The discounter will soon launch its smartphone-based loyalty customer program "Lidl Plus" across Germany, according to a report in Lebensmittelzeitung. Lidl plans to use the resulting customer data to develop a comprehensive Big Data strategy similar to that of e-commerce companies. Customers are to be motivated to use the app through personalized coupons, loyalty points and competitions.


Young consumers expect more benefits from loyalty programs

Customers do use incentive programs, but they are usually not enthusiastic about them. That's how a study by Ingenico can be briefly summarized.
44.4% would expect an integrated payment function, for example.
41.6% want to use the rewards program via app, 62.9% expect personalized offers and 22.8% community features.



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We've teamed up with Forrester to create a free webinar on Operations Experience.
On August 26 at 3:45 p.m., our Founder and CEO, Tobias Buxhoidt, will speak with Emily Pfeiffer, Senior Analyst at Forrester, about the opportunities and benefits of creating an optimized post-sale customer experience that creates loyalty and turns your customers into fans.

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So improve shipping communication


Customer service, which is often overloaded in Corona times, is frequently confronted with one question in particular: "Where is my package?"
Distributor Also is providing relief here and is now using our Post Checkout and Track & Trace program in its online store. Resellers receive information about all delivery events.

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It better not be that way! Gonser fluffs on customer service

Internet retailer Gonser is angering its customers with abysmal customer service. Dozens of customers complain about wrong deliveries or deliveries with sometimes massive damage.
According to, customer service is now only available by mail and also only with long waiting times.

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Amazon rolls out "Amazon tag" in Germany

With the "Amazon Tag", the online retailer has been offering its customers in the US the option to have ordered products delivered on a certain desired day since March 2019. In November 2019, the US group also entered a test phase with the new service in this country. Now the service is to be rolled out on a large scale, according to the Amazon Watchblog.

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AO is expanding its logistics


We dare say that no other online white goods retailer in the European region is as service-oriented as AO.
Now the company is expanding its logistics staff at its hub in Crewe, England, by another 250 new employees.
This is the retailer's response to rising customer demand, according to Internet Retailing.


Customers expect quick feedback

When customers have a question, time is of the essence, a study by Parlamind shows. Six to 15 seconds of waiting time are tolerated for chat inquiries.
For inquiries via e-mail, the tolerance threshold is one hour.
If online retailers don't want to lose customers, they can hardly avoid automated customer communication, the study authors emphasize.


Wrong channels in customer communications lead to frustration

Email, WhatsApp or chats?
Every country has its preferred communication channels.
Failing to take that into account in customer communications frustrates consumers and sinks money, says a study by Vonage.


Shoppers have high expectations for online shopping


Due to the Corona crisis, expectations of online stores have increased.
This can be deduced from a study by Rosenberger Management & Strategieberatung, which was conducted together with the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and the market research institute TestingTime.
The shopping experience should be high-quality and sustainable.
However, in the survey, which can be read at Telecom Handel, it also becomes clear: The reality looks different.

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Study: Companies get bogged down with CX issues


In its study "The Market for Customer Experience Services in Germany," the management consultancy Lünendonk & Hossenfelder examines how decision-makers approach the topic. The result: two-thirds of the decision-makers surveyed openly state that they are unable to implement planned projects. This is mainly because they have started too many projects and initiatives at the same time and lack agile structures and budgets, writes

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Otto, Tchibo and the Avocadostore test reusable shipping packages

For online customers, sustainability is increasingly becoming an issue.
The mail-order giants Otto, Tchibo and Avocadostore, an online marketplace for eco fashion, are taking part in a three-year research project to test reusable shipping bags in practice.
The praxPACK project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is coordinated by the Hamburg Institute for Ecology and Politics (Ökopol), reports

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How retailers can minimize returns

Eva Aumüller of the e-commerce department at Wedel University of Applied Sciences has been looking at solutions to minimize unwanted returns.
According to a report by, the two most promising approaches in this study are the creation of a so-called "CO2 account," which allows online customers to track the climate-relevant impact of their shopping behavior, and improved size recommendations.
Overall, 56 percent of consumers are in favor of online retailers taking action against frequent returners.


AliExpress cuts delivery times to Europe by 30 percent

China is moving a bit closer to Europe again. That's because the Chinese marketplace plans to speed up its delivery times to Spain and surrounding countries by up to 30 percent by launching a new route between Hong Kong and Madrid. The goal of AliExpress, according to Ecommercenews, is for European buyers to have to wait a maximum of ten days for their order.

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Amazon Pays Corona Bonus

Online retailer Amazon plans to pay its logistics employees a Corona bonus of 500 euros for June, Wirtschaftswoche has learned.
More than 13,000 employees in logistics and shipping centers in Germany who worked for the online retailer in June will benefit from the bonus.
Subcontractors who deliver packages on behalf of Amazon, for example, are also to pay their employees a bonus.

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Walmart and Instacart deliver in an hour

Online grocery is getting faster and faster.
Same Day was yesterday, the new challenge is called one-hour delivery.
Walmart and Instacart are now testing those in four markets in California and Oklahoma, according to Instacart delivers except for Walmart also for Aldi, Target, Costco, Albertsons and Kroger.


Software solution from DHL aims to speed up order fulfillment in online retail

DHL has developed a plug-and-play software solution designed to improve fulfillment for online stores.
The software uses algorithms and data science to optimize such things as routes for picking goods and staffing levels in the warehouse, according to a report by

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Otto sells parts of Hermes to investment company Advent

It has been known for some time that the Otto Group is looking for a customer for its logistics subsidiary Hermes.
Now Otto is selling 25 percent of Hermes Germany and 75 percent of Hermes UK to Advent International. The companies will continue to be run by local management, according to a Spiegel report.

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Amazon Air seeks hundreds of employees in Leipzig

Amazon Air is one of the few aviation companies in Germany currently looking for staff, reports
Up to 200 positions are to be filled following the inauguration of the new cargo center at Leipzig/Halle Airport, which is planned for later this year.


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