E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Germany

E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Germany
Published on: Jul 23, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

How do the largest online shops in Germany communicate? The parcelLab E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 analysed the top 100 online shops in the areas of checkout, shipping and returns. From this, we identified the strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement for the companies. We also selected the best businesses for each stage of the customer journey.

E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020

What did the study look at?

The study analysed the following across the customer journey and found remarkable differences between the retailers:


The study analysed the following:

  • What shipping options are there?
  • What are the delivery costs?
  • Do the top 100 retailers communicate their delivery times?


We analysed the below during shipping:

  • Do the online retailers communicate with their customers during shipping and if so how?
  • What differences are there between the top 100 online shops?
  • Do the online shops offer their customers same-day delivery and/or express delivery ?


During returns, we analysed:

  • How are returns processed?
  • Does the customer have to print out the return label themselves or does the online retailer include it directly in the package?
  • How long does the refund take?

Learning from the best

The German E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 highlighted the best retailers that clearly stood out from the crowd. The winners come from a wide variety of industries and can teach other retailers a lot about how to provide excellent customer experiences. Download the study to find out who had the edge when it comes to delivery communication.

German E-commerce Shipping Study 2020 (infographic)

German E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020

The entire study can be downloaded here.

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