E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Learning from the Best

E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Learning from the Best
Fri, 08/07/2020

Our parcelLab E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 analyzes the checkout, shipping and returns areas of the Top 100 online stores in Germany. For this, we conducted test orders at the largest German online stores. Which companies are the best when it comes to operations experience? Here comes the answer...

Learning from the best

Most online retailers still have potential for optimization when it comes to shipping and returns services. But exceptions prove the rule, as we all know. Some online stores are already quite pros when it comes to checkout, shipping and returns. Who is convincing in terms of operations experience and which retailer will take home the overall victory?

Best in checkout: dm-drogerie markt

In the E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020, dm came out on top in the checkout area. The reasons for this: at dm, customers can choose their preferred logistics provider themselves. Another advantage for the customer is that he can order his product online and pick it up in the store on the same day. Even more reasons can be found in the E-Commerce Shipping Study.


Best in shipping process: IKEA


In shipping, IKEA can convince, because here customer loyalty is capitalized: By sending an item list with useful info on the ordered goods as well as playing out relevant content, the company can offer its customers an outstanding shopping experience. Status updates also keep customers proactively informed at all times during the shipping process. What else makes IKEA the "best in shipping"? The answer can be found in our e-commerce shipping study.


Best in delivery: Breuninger

The fashion and lifestyle company emerges as the winner in delivery from the E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020. Why was the retailer able to convince us? Customers are informed about the delivery of the shipment - in the Breuninger CI. Another plus point is that customers can order the goods directly to the store via Click & Collect and exchange them again there.


Best in the return: Otto


Otto makes the race when it comes to returns. Picking up the return is very simple: Hermes comes on the desired date and picks up the package. Appointments can be conveniently made via the free callback service. In addition, the store informs its customers as soon as the return has arrived. A quick refund is another advantage of the store.


Overall winner: adidas

The manufacturer of sports and sportlifestyle articles emerges from the study as the overall winner. adidas creates an outstanding customer experience for its customers and has its operations experience under control. Customers are also informed about the status of their order at all times. By creating emotions, adidas also ensures that customers look forward to receiving their package. Whether it's during shipping, returns, or after the fact, adidas keeps its customers reliably and proactively informed at all times.


How-to: Improve Operations Experience

Not only customer satisfaction, but also efficient processes on the dealer side stand or fall with the operational order processing, the Operations Experience (OX). This starts with service and winds its way through warehouse processing to shipping and returns. Yet companies still have little visibility and little to no control over the OX, as the E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 shows. Many retailers still leave important points of contact, such as communication with online shoppers after the order is placed, to the logistics service provider. This is a big mistake, resulting in the loss of not only insightful consumer data but also upselling opportunities. Customers, in turn, receive only cryptic messages that leave them still in the dark about the order status. 

It is therefore elementary that retailers control all relevant process steps in fullfilment themselves. Only in this way can problems be identified and circumvented at an early stage, important touchpoints be used and turned into a service plus. This is ultimately reflected in repeat store visits and an increase in sales. Operations Experience platforms such as parcelLab offer workflow control at all relevant points in the process as well as individual, personalized customer communication. If a delivery is delayed, customers are automatically informed. At the same time, additional relevant content can be used to guide shoppers back into the store and encourage them to make a new purchase.

This benefits all sides: companies ensure a consistent brand experience and maximize cross-selling potential - not least because of outstanding customer service.

Sounds interesting, but you need help implementing your operations experience? No problem! We're happy to help.

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