Do e-commerce retailers need an Operations Experience Management team in 2021?

Do e-commerce retailers need an Operations Experience Management team in 2021?
Published on: Jun 19, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Our team is spending a lot of time talking about how important Operations Experience Management is. The benefits of controlling the entire end-to-end experience do not end with your team. Your customers will enjoy the advantages of a streamlined experience. That’s why Operations Experience Management is becoming a priority for more and more e-commerce brands in 2021. But do they need a dedicated team?

What is Operations Experience Management?

In summary, Operations Experience is the combination of operational processes with customer experience, further enhanced by personalization. Countless operational processes are occurring throughout each customer journey. These happen in warehouses, on delivery trucks, during repairs and returns, under warranty and more. During these processes, customer experience is rarely well managed. The complex data that needs to be gathered, analyzed, cleaned and harmonized to deliver relevant, real-time value is more than brands can manage. But leveraging data is key to outperforming competition and impressing customers.

Do you need an Operations Experience Management team?

In short: no. We are supporting brands to take back control of their Operations Experience without having to make any hires. But let’s be clear, we’re not an out-of-the-box quick fix. We are working with brands to help them create experiences of their own design. For our part, we are harnessing and enriching data, so brands don’t have to. This allows them to reimagine a customer journey without limits. With fresh, new touch points, brands create more opportunities to make customers fall in love with them. And we have got pretty good at it, too. Our Operations Experience Management platform has been identified for two consecutive years in Retail Week's Discovery 50. This report highlights new technology changing the game in retail. Since launching in 2015, we have supported 500+ global brands, including LIDL, FarFetch and Berlin Brands Group.

How to improve your Operations Experience

So, what comes next? I recommend a demo - it gives us a chance to demonstrate the parts of our solution that are relevant to you. Plus, we can answer any questions you have and take you through our solution first hand. Also, check out our integration guide for a clear summary for onboarding with us. The good news is that integration can be done really quickly. So, you can enjoy the benefits of well-managed Operations Experience fast.

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