What delivery updates do your customers want to receive?

What delivery updates do your customers want to receive?
Sat, 02/27/2021

The public now rely on online shopping and deliveries in a way that they haven’t before. As a result, their expectations have changed. They have more concerns about availability, shipping processes, contact-less delivery and delays. Receiving a delivery is now not considered a luxury, but a lifeline. With this in mind, what delivery updates do your customers actually want to receive? Furthermore, how can post-purchase messaging put their minds at ease?

All in one tracking page


Provide your customers with an Order Status page to make life easier for everyone. Also known as a tracking page, this tool gives your customers access to the latest delivery updates automatically. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to call in. Their minds are put to rest as they can see progress proactively. Branded tracking pages become a reference point for customers. In other words, it helps build trust. Plus, with customers repeatedly visiting the tracking page, it presents itself as an opportunity to drive traffic back to your site. Your order status page is designed in line with your business goals. So, to boost traffic and increase your repurchasing rate, add embedded, personalized product recommendations. To increase the amount of customer reviews you receive, add a user-friendly rating tool to the tracking page.

Event-triggered delivery updates


Research has found that customers do in fact want to be updated with the progress of their delivery. Interestingly, this has only increased during the pandemic. Customers feel more anxious because of extended delivery times, low stock and difficulty reaching customer service representatives. Therefore, retailers should set the expectation that updates will be communicated proactively. This takes pressure off the customer to call in. So, what kind of updates should you share? Ultimately, it's for you to decide. But, we would recommend that any changes, such as delays or stock issues, are communicated quickly because this will likely affect when the product will arrive.

Embedded content

Building embedded content into the design of your post-purchase communication, especially your delivery updates, just makes sense. Firstly, you want to differentiate your customer experience by offering a journey that embodies your brand’s tone and style. And what better way than adding embedded branded content, whether it’s marketing material or product recommendations. Embed content into your delivery update emails to increase engagement and click-through rates. This is because the customer trusts that when they open the email, they will find valuable, relevant information. This is a great way to use delivery updates to build trust with your customers.


Keep in touch

The good news is that with our platform, retailers are free to design and deliver customer communications themselves. You know your customers better than us, so you let us know what messages you want to send and how you want them to look, and we'll do the rest.

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