Your store with parcelLab, Part III: Logistics Dashboard

Your store with parcelLab, Part III: Logistics Dashboard
Published on: Apr 24, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Part III: Logistics Dashboard

In Part I of our blog series, we've already looked at integration, in Part II we dealt with the heart of our performance, the shipping news. Now we turn to the third and final area, the Logistics Dashboard.

Good shipping starts with choosing a logistics provider


The quality of the service provider is hugely important to online retailers - how quickly can a package be delivered, how consistent are delivery rates, how are delays handled and communicated? If there are delivery problems, the customer gets annoyed and projects the frustration onto the store in this often quite emotional moment. Selecting the right logistics provider is therefore an elementary step on the way to the perfect shopping experience.

Image parcelLab monitors the shipment data of more than 300 shipping service providers worldwide.

What can your service provider really do?

Logistics service providers usually offer internal reporting, providing retailers with details on their delivery results. With the help of our service, you are now able to collect your own data and create an objective analysis. This way you can find out if your logistics provider really meets your requirements. With access to the parcelLab portal, we offer our customers an overview of all shipments - and this includes comprehensive CRM functionalities, automatically generated tickets for deviations and detailed logistics reporting. Additional features can also be added on request, according to your requirements.

Image Monitoring of service providers in the parcelLab portal

Full transparency with parcelLab


Through our comprehensive services you get full transparency about your service providers, can identify problems early and optimize your shipping. You immediately recognize where the cooperation with logistics providers can be improved or when the use of certain services makes sense. This saves not only nerves, but also money.

Numerous stores trust us

Many of Germany's largest online retailers already trust parcelLab, for example Tchibo, Chal-Tec, Cyberport or HS-Fachmarkt. You can read about the advantages of working with us directly from the retailer's point of view: Click here to read the success stories of fashionette and Chal-Tec.

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