Customer communication in online retail - more personalization pays off

Customer communication in online retail - more personalization pays off
Published on: Aug 16, 2019
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Proper communication with (potential) customers is increasingly important for online retailers. They should not forget that every customer is unique and has different needs and demands on the online retailer. So how can retailers do justice to every customer? One thing is clear: you can't make everyone happy. However, when it comes to customer communication, online retailers should keep a few basic things in mind.

Customer communication in online retailing - here's how


Customers should also receive the right advice in e-commerce. With the following three tips, retailers are well on their way.

More personalization and appreciation

Online retail is growing and growing - but retailers must not forget their customers. Appreciation should no longer be exemplified only in brick-and-mortar retail, but is also becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. Personalization also works in online retail. But how? Personalized newsletters and mailings can address customers directly. It is also important that customer service is available at all times should problems or questions arise with the customer.

Customer contact in real time

It is important that online retailers keep their customers informed in real time. Are there any innovations or has something important changed? Then merchants should inform their customers about it immediately. Real-time customer communication is becoming increasingly important. And this is no coincidence. Communication is becoming increasingly digital and faster. It is now possible to communicate with many companies via a chatbot integrated in Facebook Messenger. Lidl, for example, is focusing on even more innovation with the Chatbot LiA. Among other things, you can now find out about the shipping status of your package.

Image At LIDL, you can now chat with the Facebook Messenger chatbot LiA.

Don't forget the shipping


Online retailers unfortunately often leave customers alone after sending the order. In doing so, they should also manage shipping communication themselves and not hand it over to the shipping service provider. The parcelLab E-Commerce Shipping Study found that the top 100 online retailers are very frugal with any messages sent after shipping confirmation. 35 percent of the top 100 retailers send no message at all or only one message to their customers. There is definitely room for improvement here.

Image Online retailers often leave their customers alone after the order confirmation.



Customer communication is becoming increasingly digital and fast-paced. Customers expect online retailers to provide them with real-time information and answers. Those who manage to communicate proactively and personally with their customers will be rewarded - with customer loyalty! Not a bad deal. However, customer communication shouldn't stop after the order is placed, and many retailers often forget that. Shipping and returns communication should also function smoothly. That's why online retailers should always handle this themselves and not leave it to the shipping service provider.

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