Corona crisis: 8 tips for an outstanding customer experience

Corona crisis: 8 tips for an outstanding customer experience
Published on: May 3, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Those who are currently shopping prefer to do so with a respirator mask on or right from their home computer. Nevertheless, the latter is not leading to the longed-for online boom across all sectors: many online shoppers are now keeping their money together due to current or impending wage cuts. Hardly a shoebox has left the warehouse in recent weeks, and the situation on the fashion market is also recovering only slowly. According to a survey by Statista, 38 percent of Germans said they are currently spending less money than usual on clothing.

Flawless shipping communication is more important now than ever


Consistently crisis-proof at the moment are groceries and cooking boxes, pharmaceutical items and consumer goods for daily use. In short, everything from apples to zinc tablets is also increasingly in demand online. Here, according to Corona-Barometer 13/2020 of the BEVH and a survey by iBusinesscontrary to expectations, a considerable jump of about one third.

The fact that customers should be well supported in terms of communication during the shipping process, especially in times of crisis, is nevertheless not seen as a priority by many online retailers. At the moment, other challenges are causing them headaches: 70 percent of those surveyed say they are struggling with replenishment problems, and 65 percent expect delayed deliveries.

But those who are not actively communicating with consumers after the purchase will soon be facing a completely different crisis: the loyalty challenge. The current situation should therefore not only be seen as an opportunity to anchor oneself positively in the memory of one's target group in the long term. Particularly against the backdrop of current logistical challenges, it is virtually essential to keep customers fully informed about the shipping status in terms of communication. Particularly in the case of everyday products, it is important to know whether all the items ordered can actually be delivered or whether the customer will have to find another source of supply. So now more than ever, retailers can score points with a good customer experience during shipping. A short note in the shipping message can help to keep customers informed about any delivery problems and thus reduce customer service inquiries.

Here's what it could look like:

A hint in the shipping message can already help improve CX.

8 Tips for an Outstanding Customer Experience in Times of Crisis

  1. Inform your customers even before shipping if an ordered item cannot be delivered right now.

  2. if possible, offer alternatives that can be added to the shopping cart.

Prepare customers for delivery delays to avoid frustration and overloading your call center with customer inquiries.

  1. take the fear out of your customers: provide insight into how hygienic standards are maintained in your operation.

  2. if the package is actually stuck in transit, inform them about this in a timely manner and in as specific a manner as possible.

  3.  A handover process without signature as well as leaving it at the front door are commonplace in these times. It is all the more important to communicate the successful delivery also by mail or SMS!

Inspire your customers. For example, if you order zinc, you should also think about vitamin C to optimally strengthen your immune system...

  1. offer a mix of informative and entertaining content: now customers are more open and grateful than ever for infotainment from their trusted retailer.

Anton Eder, founder & COO of parcelLab, is confident that opportunity thinkers will be rewarded in the crisis:

Those who follow these simple rules will not only provide relief in the domestic crisis center, but will also benefit themselves in the short and long term from more sales, fewer dispatch-related calls in customer service and more satisfied customers.

Do you need help, because you want to inform your customers even more proactively and offer them the best possible customer experience, especially during this time? Then get in touch with us - we'll be happy to help!

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