Checklist for mail order companies: 12 steps to the perfect customer experience

Checklist for mail order companies: 12 steps to the perfect customer experience
Published on: Jan 1, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

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Customers are increasingly including the shipping experience in their purchase decision. They switch online retailers if their parcel does not reach them within the shortest possible time, they cannot track their parcel or another retailer offers them a simpler and more convenient process. Parcel logistics is thus increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for online and cross-channel retailers. How you too can transform your customer journey into a customer experience is revealed in the parcelLab whitepaper "Checklist for Mail Order Retailers 2017".

Checklist for Mail Order Merchants - the contents:

The Checklist for Mail Order Merchants covers the most important trends for 2017 in customer service, customer experience and logistics. Due to the massive growth of online commerce and driven by e-commerce, the parcel market is growing indispensably. Already in 2015, 2.3 billion parcels were transported in Germany alone. Due to online retailers like amazon, customers expect more and more and increasingly see free or one-day deliveries as a matter of course. The checklist describes what you as a mail order company need to consider in order to bring every second customer back into the store and turn them into enthusiastic repeat customers. The checklist specializes in the following areas:

  • Different delivery options
    It is important to offer the customer different delivery options. Issues such as returns also offer room to meet customer expectations and create a competitive advantage.
  • Tips for international shipping
    Many companies shy away from shipping abroad, but professional shipping service providers also offer a complete service. The checklist shows delivery deviations in different destination countries and gives other helpful tips for international shipping.
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  • Ideal delivery times, desired times and co.
    Especially the shipping time increasingly involve customers in their purchase decision. Everything on the subject of ideal delivery times, desired times and co. can be read in the checklist. The Parcel Study 2016 also shows important findings that online retailers can use for themselves.
  • Terms such as cut off
    The checklist includes various terms that every online retailer should know, so also the term cut off.
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Work as an online retailer the checklist, you can not only achieve competitive advantages. Through a successful implementation, where we are happy to support you as parcelLab with our solution, you can reduce their customer inquiries by up to 30%.

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