Chal-Tec records 24 percent fewer service requests

Chal-Tec records 24 percent fewer service requests
Published on: Mar 8, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Chal-Tec has been using the solution from the Munich-based start-up parcelLab for customer communication since August 2015. This enables the Berlin-based electronics shipper to increase customer satisfaction, reduce customer service costs, and at the same time keep an eye on the delivery quality of its logistics service providers.

Munich, February 8, 2017 - Chal-Tec has been one of the leading companies in German e-commerce for years. In the assortments Home & Living, Consumer Electronics, Sound & Light, Sports & Health the company sells 13 own brands. Today, Chal-Tec sells a total of over 7,000 products in 21 European countries via its own web stores and well-known e-commerce marketplaces.

The high international headcount is a challenge, especially when it comes to customer service, because Chal-Tec customers want to know in thirteen different languages: "Where's my package?" Sebastian Leiß, Business Process Manager at Chal-Tec: "Today, customers want to know about all the stages of their parcel and be informed to the maximum. We share this demand, which is why we also want to offer the best service when shipping our products." That's why in 2015, the e-commerce company was looking for a solution that would allow it to provide its customers with automated and detailed information about the shipping status of its products. "Similarly, we wanted just one solution for our different brands, languages and carriers," says Leiß.

Chal-Tec found what it was looking for with the Munich-based provider parcelLab. Its communication solution notifies customers fully automatically by e-mail about the time of shipment, any delays, and the exact location and time of delivery - and does so in much more detail than the usual notification card from the parcel service providers. For example, parcelLab not only informs users that a parcel can be found at the nearest postal branch, but also about the opening hours of this branch and its exact location via Google Maps integration. If a delivery is delayed, the customer is also informed of this. This means they don't have to stay at home waiting for a package that won't arrive until the next day. The recipient receives information relevant to him at the right time. As a result, the most important customer queries are actively answered, and the customer does not have to contact the shipper himself to inquire. In addition, Chal-Tec scores with transparency in the event of shipping problems. The result: Since August 2015, the number of customer inquiries about shipping has dropped by 24 percent.

Simplified processes in the back end as well

It is not only direct customer communication that benefits from the integration of parcelLab at Chal-Tec. The company also uses the solution to analyze the performance and quality of its logistics service providers. "This enables us to better understand the various shipping processes and manage our service providers even better," explains Leiß.

Since the uncomplicated and fast integration of parcelLab has shown such good results at Chal-Tec so far, the Berlin-based company is already thinking about implementing further subsystems of the solution into its store and BI systems. Thus, with parcelLab, the shipper could also display before the purchase, on the product detail page or directly after the online purchase in the shopping cart, when the package is expected to be delivered.

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About parcelLab:

parcelLab enhances the online shopping experience with proactive customer communications during product shipping. This puts an end to boring shipping notifications and keeps the customer informed with personalized messages at the right time - for online retailers this means open rates of 60% and click-through rates of more than 30%. In addition, there are optimal opportunities for marketing, up-selling and improving logistics processes.

The Munich-based start-up parcelLab began in 2014 with the three founders Tobias, Anton and Julian. In the meantime, the team has grown to 18 people and supports over 75 customers worldwide in perfect shipping communication.

About Chal-Tec:

Since 2005, Chal-Tec GmbH has been a successful incubator of expressive brands, with individual character and innovative product portfolio for a modern lifestyle. From its Berlin headquarters, the e-commerce company, which is still owner-managed today, manages brand development and marketing in 21 European countries via various sales channels, its own retail platforms, brand stores and various e-commerce marketplaces.

Founder and CEO Peter Chaljawski and his 300-strong team have developed 13 brands in the Home & Living, Consumer Electronics and Sound & Light and Health & Sports segments. Chal-Tec combines the entire value chain of product distribution in e-commerce - from manufacturing to its own international service center in Berlin.

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