Calling all online shoppers: Demand Better & Expect More!

Calling all online shoppers: Demand Better & Expect More!
Published on: Feb 26, 2022
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The team at parcelLab, the world's leading Operations Experience Management platform, just launched a new campaign. It is called Demand Better, Expect More. The goal is to learn more about the experiences people have when shopping online. We want online shoppers to know that they should receive the same high quality customer experience during operational processes, such as delivery and returns, as they do pre-purchase. Read on to learn more about the campaign.

We're encouraging consumers to Demand Better and Expect More from their online shopping experiences. Our team recently attended NRF's Big Show in New York City, where we launched this campaign. We kicked this off by putting a billboard in Times Square, asking online shoppers to share their experiences - good and bad. And, there is still time to share your stories. The results will provide a clear insight into what people love about the brands they buy from, and where improvement is needed.

Why should online shoppers Demand Better and Expect More?

Consumers are more digitally engaged than ever. In fact, there has been an 80% increase in searches for shopping apps. With the rise in popularity of online shopping, brands enjoy huge opportunities for growth. However, globalization and increased demand brings its challenges too.

Brands battle to keep online shoppers updated throughout the end-to-end journey. For most, post-purchase communication is managed by third-parties - such as carriers. This is because there is too much complex operational data for brands to manage and leverage in-house.

But allowing third parties to manage the experience is problematic for consumers. Brands cannot monitor the quality or quantity of updates provided. As a result, customers often receive a subpar experience after checkout. Unsurprisingly, this leads to disappointment. Inaccurate or broken tracking information means consumers don't feel able to trust the communication they receive, and in turn the brands they buy from. At parcelLab, we think the time has come to deliver experiences customers deserve.

How can brands deliver online shoppers better experiences?

Operations Experience Management provides a solution for brands to deliver better experiences to their customers. Platforms like parcelLab clean and harmonize brands' operational data, so that they're free to create an experience of their own design. And, with control of every touch point, brands can create familiar, recognizable experiences designed around their customers.

As a result, consumers can expect personalized updates delivered to their preferred channel. They receive messages that add genuine value - no more generic emails! They rest assured knowing that any update will be shared with them proactively - so they don't need to call in and ask for an update. In summary, consumers trust that they'll receive a seamless journey where they are kept informed.

Stay tuned to Demand Better, Expect More!

We can't wait to share the results of our campaign. We look forward to helping brands understand how they can impress their customers. We also hope to replicate the positive experiences consumers are having and celebrate the brands that are already over-performing! Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates from parcelLab. Check out our events page to be the first to know about future events we're hosting and attending. And don't forget - always demand better and expect more when shopping online!

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