Are you ready for the digital peak season?

Are you ready for the digital peak season?
Published on: Oct 20, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The lockdown has prompted many consumers to diversify their purchases online. While physical stores have now reopened, consumers continue to buy their products online to avoid unnecessary risk. Traditional physical retail outlets continue to expand their online presence; in France in the first quarter of 2021, their online sales grew twice as fast as the market average. Many brands are betting on a flourishing year-end to compensate for the weak activity at the beginning of the year. But how do you prepare for it?

What does a digital peak look like?

As a general rule, when you think of end-of-year sales, you imagine stores being taken by storm. Not surprisingly, that should be less the case this year. According to a study conducted by Rakuten Advertising, 57% of French people are likely to do their seasonal shopping both online and offline. On days known to be busy like Black Friday, many customers will likely stay home to dodge the crowds.

But that doesn't mean they won't consume.In fact, brands are preparing for more digital activity than last year and are investing in updating their sites. Retailers are reinventing their marketing strategy to attract customers to their site, rather than to their stores.

Where to start?

Brands need to create a digital experience that can trump the immediate satisfaction of buying in-store. While consumers are generally concerned about product availability and shipping, keeping up communication with your customers is going to be paramount as the year ends. But most retailers don't have a handle on the emails that are sent during the operational phase. They are sometimes not aware of the volume and quality of the messages. As a result, some customers may find themselves inundated with notifications from carriers, while others may not receive any at all.

To preserve the relationship and anticipate customer fears, brands need to take back control of their post-purchase communication. Their emails need to be proactive, useful and personalized. With an order status page, customers can track the progress of their delivery in real time. To improve engagement, this page can be completely customized for each customer. It's also a great way to cross-sell, as all traffic will be sent directly back to your site. So you can put all the chances on your side to tackle the end-of-year online sales.

And concretely?

parcelLab will automate your communications throughout the customer journey. We'll work with you to identify touchpoints that you can personalize.We'll help you create a tailored communication process that focuses on your brand and your customers.

parcelLab is also here to monitor and analyze shipping data. We provide you with a dashboard to highlight overall performance.Your team will also be able to count on us at all times to ensure the success of your project.

Are you ready for the digital end of the year?

This year, brands will be navigating some rough waters for the peak season. But, if you invest in your post-purchase experience, you'll be able to deliver a great service. Automating your post-purchase experience allows you to send your customers relevant and regular information about their order. This way, you'll ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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