7 key reactions to our Operations Experience platform's Series C announcement

7 key reactions to our Operations Experience platform's Series C announcement
Published on: Jul 2, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

There’s no other way to start this blog than with the word “WOW.” The support we have felt from around the world since announcing our Series C funding round has been so rewarding. It has been encouraging to hear the well wishes for our Operations Experience platform from our wide network; in Germany, France, Austria, the UK, Australia, China and more. And excitingly, our network has grown substantially since we made the announcement this month.

Global celebrations for our Operations Experience platform


Looking through the many articles and blogs, social posts, comments, there were a few responses that really resonated with me. They didn’t catch my attention for the same reason - but all captured the spirit and ambition of parcelLab in some way. So, I want to take a moment to review some great takeaways to the response of our Series C announcement.


parcelLab’s intense focus on its customers’ customer retention is what differentiates it from other outfits in the post-sale space. It sees every step in the delivery process, straight through to last-mile details, as an opportunity for the retailers it services to re-engage consumers.

This article really captured the versatility of our platform. Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all platform, our solution is completely white-label. This enables every brand that works with us to create a unique experience of their own design. They can create a communications workflow, sent within their own ecosystem, in their own tone and style. In this way, brands can create customer loyalty.


parcelLab sets a new standard for customer experience and levels the eCommerce playing field for brands. By becoming the enabler for Operational Experience Management (OXM), parcelLab is creating a new software category of global eCommerce infrastructure — a market that has experienced incredible growth in the past, followed by sharp acceleration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is clear that Coparion understand the scope of what we are trying to achieve. We aren’t a quick-fix solution. We are defining a category that will redesign the wheel of e-commerce. It is our belief that Operations Experience Management will become a foundation of every business. It will be as common as a customer service team or user experience strategy. It’s great that Coparion have captured how vital our platform is right now, and how it can support brands in the current climate.

Wall Street Journal

parcelLab, an operations experience management platform with offices in New York, Munich, London and Paris, scored $112 million in Series C funding. Insight Partners led the round, which included participation from Endeit Capital, Capnamic Ventures and Coparion.

I wanted to include this one because it is really exciting that our existing investors Coparion and Capnamic Ventures decided to extend their support for our platform. It is a really humbling experience to receive new investments, but there is something very satisfying about a partner who is committed to stick around with us for the next chapter.


The funding will enable the company to accelerate global expansion, extend the product suite, expand into new sectors and search for fresh talent globally (fully remote).

Our team has recently become Digital First. This means that whilst our offices in London, Paris, New York and Munich remain open, our teams are free to work wherever they feel most comfortable. As well as encouraging our employees to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and empowering them with the freedom to travel as they wish, it also allows us to hire the best talent possible. It doesn’t matter where you are based, any special needs you have, or what hours you’d like to work. If you are willing to work hard, we will support you.

SAAS Industry

The proceeds shall be directed towards fulfilling parcelLab’s global expansion ambitions and product development as per reports. The funding shall also help them bring people and brands closer together.

Everything we do can be summarized in those simple words: to bring people and brands closer together. Our solution is different because we’ve created an Operations Experience Management platform, which streamlines every aspect of the end-to-end customer journey. Where others fix a problem, ours reimagines an experience. What we keep at the front of mind is that every order comes from a person with a purpose. Whether they have treated themselves after payday, or bought something they need for their home, or a gift for their neighbor, every online purchase represents someone needing something. So that is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We know we keep people in touch with the brands they rely on.

Retail Innovation Hub

parcelLab was founded in 2015 and has worked with the likes of Ikea, Farfetch and Lidl. The Series C funding will fuel its global expansion, support new product development and boost its recently released returns portal.

It’s always really motivating when you see customers benefitting from your support. We’ve been fortunate enough to have impressive, global brands work with our platform since our early days. What is even better is this: they are still our customers. In fact, a lot of them are actually expanding our partnership. Hearing the success stories from our customers really drives us to do more every day.

What's next for Operations Experience Management?

It is a really exciting time for our team. The investment we have received will enable us to grow. We are hiring across all departments. And this funding will also allow us to develop our platform and deliver the new capabilities our customers have been asking for. We're also excited to bring our platform to new markets and industries. What is truly amazing about our platform is its versatility. The opportunities really are limitless, because experiences happen everywhere. Any product in any market selling online is impacted by Operations Experience - whether or not the retailers realize it yet. We believe our Operations Experience platform will redefine the whole industry. Get ready!


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