Operations Experience Management (OXM): A video guide

Operations Experience Management (OXM): A video guide
Published on: Feb 5, 2022
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

We're proud to be the leading Operations Experience Management (OXM) platform. But what does this mean? Put simply, OXM is when a brand actively manages the experience that they deliver to their customers during operational processes. This includes warehousing, delivery and returns. Typically, customer service is lacking in these areas. That’s because brands don’t have access to the data they need after a customer clicks “Buy.”

Operations Experience Management platforms, like us at parcelLab, handle the data for brands. So, they’re free to refine the experience they deliver. And, because all brands are different, we enable brands to communicate in their own style, from their own ecosystem. For customers, this means a consistent, familiar experience. For the brand, it means elongated customer engagement and new opportunities to drive customers back. You can read how brands like Farfetch, Lidl and Bose enhance their post-checkout experiences with parcelLab by reading our success stories. Or, preview outstanding examples of OXM from our customers here.

Hear from the experts at parcelLab about OXM in their own words.

1. Tobias Buxhoidt, What is Operations Experience Management (OXM)?

2. Dora Birna, Why OXM is different for every brand

How will OXM help your brand?

Clearly, Operations Experience Management offers brand a range of benefits. So, add new touch points to connect with customers and enjoy long-term engagement. And, enhance your customer experience to improve satisfaction rates. Access post-sales data to improve your understanding of operational performance. What will your brand achieve with Operations Experience Management?

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