4 tips for successful content in online retail

4 tips for successful content in online retail
Fri, 05/03/2019

Helpful care tips for the new sneakers or entertaining blog posts on a wide variety of topics - many online stores offer more than just the sale of goods. Anyone who runs an online store should also focus on high-quality and useful content. With helpful and exciting content, visitors can be turned into buyers and even into existing customers in the long term. The term content commerce is becoming increasingly important.
[tooltip title="Content Commerce" color="blue"]Content commerce refers to the symbiosis of "content" and "commerce" or the bringing together of "editorial" and "product". Behind this is a strategic approach that links high-quality content with products on offer.[/tooltip]

Why is content becoming increasingly important in online commerce?

One reason for the growing importance of content in online retail is to bind customers to the online store in the long term through interesting and, above all, helpful content. Why? Content should inform and entertain the customer - and thus offer him added value.
In addition, search engines rate websites with high-quality content better. Thus, the chance that online retailers will rank at the top of searches is relatively high.
Customers should be provided with content along the entire customer journey. Whether they are in the search or decision-making process or have already placed their order, content can be used at all stages of the customer journey - even after they have clicked the checkout button.

What forms of content are there in the online store?

There are various ways to provide customers with exciting content. From the company blog to detailed product descriptions to advice texts - there is a suitable tool for every retailer.

1. product descriptions

Product descriptions are the be-all and end-all in online retail. They often decide whether the customer buys a product or not. Especially for items that require explanation, detailed and informative product information is all the more important. Additional features, such as appealing product images or product videos are perceived positively by customers. A product description should always provide a decision-making aid. The following graphic shows that detailed product information is important to 94 percent of customers in the decision-making process.

Image 94 percent of respondents find detailed product information "important" or rather "important." (Source: Statista/idealo)

In addition, text robots can be used to create product descriptions. They can generate individual product descriptions that can be updated automatically. New products can also be provided with product texts easily and quickly.

2. blog

Corporate blogs are often massively underestimated. However, they are quite often the key to more success and increasing sales. Good, target-group-specific blog posts are one of the most successful tools in the content area. Which topics can be included? Information on new products, company news, industry news or case studies - varied content is always well received by the customer. And if you use keywords correctly when creating your content, you may soon be at the top of the search engine rankings.

Image Ritter Sport can convince with exciting content on its blog. (Source: Ritter Sport)

3. advice texts

Which jeans fit my body shape or which vacuum cleaner robot is suitable for my apartment? To ensure that the product then meets the customer's requirements in the end, advice texts are the perfect solution for indecisive or ignorant consumers. Through advice texts, the online retailer shows his expertise and can establish himself as an expert in his field. He can thus strengthen the trust of his customers. Those who advise their customers well are rewarded with customer loyalty.

4. forum

Forums are used to allow customers to interact and ask questions. This, properly used, relieves the customer service of the online store enormously. A forum is especially useful when it comes to products that require explanation. Customers can share their experiences with the product and advise other customers on the purchase. Perfect for the online retailer, because this saves his sales and customer service team a lot of work.

5. newsletter

The newsletter is a suitable tool to distribute content. Customers should be able to easily register for the company's newsletter in the web store. In the newsletter itself, customers can then be informed about the latest products or company news. In addition, promotions or discounts can be offered there.

With these 4 tips content can be used successfully


There is no point in just producing content - in fact, bad content is worse than no content at all. So when creating and distributing it, a few very important tips should be followed.

1. good quality pays off

Content should first and foremost benefit the customer. Good quality content is the be-all and end-all. Content only adds value to the online merchant if it is of high quality and addresses the needs of the customer. In addition, websites are no longer maintained in just one language these days. Therefore, it must of course be ensured that the respective content is also available in other languages.

2. Conveying emotions

Emotions are a useful way to generate attention. In addition, the choice for a product is often associated with emotions, such as anticipation. Of course, this is not the case for every product category. The purchase of a piece of clothing is usually more emotional than that of a commodity, such as a cooking pot. Here, you have to weigh up whether a factual text or storytelling is the appropriate stylistic device. But one thing is certain: online shopping should be fun.

3. Use content even after checkout

Content is not only important during checkout, but also during shipping. The shipping process is key to customer loyalty and one of the most important stages of the customer journey. Unfortunately, many online retailers forget this and let shipping communications out of their hands. Yet shipping messages are perfect for incorporating content. This includes product recommendations, sweepstakes or user-generated content - the possibilities here are (almost) limitless.
###Experience shipping messages in action!

4. Playing on multiple channels

However, good content should not only be played out in the online store. Important channels, such as social media should not fall by the wayside. Instagram in particular thrives on user-generated content and storytelling. Customers become brand ambassadors and thus bring benefits to the store, such as more traffic, brand awareness and authenticity.


Anyone who has not yet offered helpful and exciting content in their online store should definitely change this. For customers, online shopping should become more and more of an experience. But this only works if online retailers provide them with helpful tips and information along the entire customer journey - from checkout to shipping to returns.

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