4 features of outstanding post-checkout emails

4 features of outstanding post-checkout emails
Published on: Jul 2, 2019
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

A shipping message does not just have to be logistical. There are a lot of different features online retailers can add to their post-checkout emails. Retailers should reimagine these emails. They should not simply be thought of as a way to inform of an order's progress. When designed correctly, they can achieve much more than this. Retailers can use post-purchase emails to lower their return rates and increase their customers’ satisfaction. Let us show you how:

Features of best practice emails

From discount codes, product reviews and personalized videos, there are loads of great features that retailers can add to their post-purchase emails. Here are some of the most popular features we recommend:

  1. Reviews: Give your customers a say. Their feedback will be very helpful to you. You can make improvements based on their comments. Add this feature to post-checkout emails to boost retention.

  2. Product recommendations: Next, product recommendations can motivate the customer to order again. In addition, the customer feels seen and heard by the retailer. As a result, this is a great tool for increasing sales.

  3. Vouchers and discount codes: Interestingly, vouchers are mainly used in the events of an issue. But, you should also use them to reward customer loyalty. Include a voucher or discount code to post-purchase emails to increase repeat purchasing.

  4. Social Networks: Finally, let your customers feel a part of a community. Add links to your social media profiles to encourage them to get involved. The buttons can be easily integrated.

Provide customer-focused post-checkout emails

In summary, e-commerce retailers need to consider the customer’s needs when designing post-purchase emails. Consider what the customer wants to know or see. Then, create a journey based on that. The retailers who create outstanding post-purchase emails will leave a lasting positive impression.

parcelLab offers you the opportunity to take control of your end-to-end customer experience, including your post-checkout emails. And, for the 500+ brands we work with, including LIDL, IKEA and Farfetch, this results in fewer ‘Where is my order’ inquiries, more repeat purchases and larger online baskets. To see how this works first-hand, find more information about our platform or request a demo.

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