3 things you can expect from OX Fest on-demand

3 things you can expect from OX Fest on-demand
Published on: Dec 24, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

OX Fest '21 was the flagship event of Operations Experience Management platform, parcelLab. The event welcomed a wide range of brands with one thing in common: delivering experiences. The event was designed to be accessible and versatile for one simple reason: to share knowledge and expertise from inside and outside the e-commerce sphere to enhance best-in-class experiences. Now that this year's event has drawn to a close, we have provided access to the sessions delivered at OX Fest online, free and on-demand. 

Every speaker and attendee of OX Fest '21 brought a different point of view towards Operations Experience Management. This is because there is no-one-size-fits-all in this space. Every brand experience is unique, and so naturally how it is managed will be, too. As a result, we heard a lot of different ideas, challenges and priorities at the event. Now that sessions and resources are available to access online, here's what you can expect to find on OX Fest on-demand.   

1. Ground-breaking speakers

In many ways, the experience that a brand delivers becomes its identity. In order to control your brand identity, you must take control of your experience. It is this idea that united all of the topics at OX Fest: the art of experience. We welcomed speakers from Patagonia, CCP Gamesmmhmm and NASA - and more! These brands are all renowned for innovation. They are famous for problem-solving, creative solutions, achieving the impossible feats of experience. You can tune in to their sessions now.  

2. A breakdown of Operations Experience Management

Whether you’re in marketing, e-commerce, customer service and experience, supply chain or operations - your role is naturally entwined into Operations Experience Management. Customers compare the experiences you deliver to every other brand journey they have had, across every industry. So, to win loyalty, you need to be creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. At OX Fest, we explored how every customer touch point is integral to these experiences. We considered that Operations Experience Management is the final part of the puzzle that brands are missing. You can learn more about Operations Experience Management on-demand now

3. The content you want, at a time that works for you

Every day of OX Fest focused on one key area of customer experience. We wanted attendees to be able to immerse themselves in one key topic at a time so that they could get as much from it as possible. Therefore, at OX Fest on-demand, you can find extensive content on the key trends facing our industries. This includes sessions on; 

    • Challenging conventional approaches to customer experience and reimagining your own brand's potential 
    • Exploring how sustainability, diversity and inclusion can influence your customers and prospects 
    • Considering how trends, such as community-building, subscriptions, loyalty programs and post-purchase communication, can reduce churn and boost engagement 
    • Discovering how entertainment and gamification can boost sales 

    Watch OX Fest on-demand now

    At OX Fest, was the first event of its kind. We invite you to watch and share the sessions on-demand. The range of content means that there's something for everyone. You can access the OX Fest speaker sessions on-demand here. If you have questions about the event or how to get involved next year, please contact us

    OX Fest is designed to blend the expertise and innovation of different industries with e-commerce trends, and challenge conventional thinking. Join us for a truly unique multi-industry event. 

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