100% positive customer reviews with minimal effort

100% positive customer reviews with minimal effort
Published on: Apr 17, 2017
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Pacifying impatient customers - but how?

The Tradeo GmbH operates Servershop24.de, one of the largest global online stores for used and refurbished server and network hardware, and also acts as an official plentymarkets consultant. Major brands such as HP, IBM and Dell are part of the online retailer's range, which is one of the most important suppliers of server spare parts in Germany thanks to its extensive selection of products available for immediate delivery.

This makes the store highly successful, but also creates a considerable problem: The customer needs his part immediately, after all, the faulty device should work again as quickly as possible. But the additional costs for express shipping are unwillingly spent, instead the customer service always gets to hear the same question: Where is my package?

Informed customers are happy customers

Sebastian Poll, CEO at Tradeo, came across parcelLab in his search for an efficient solution. Customer satisfaction is Tradeo's top priority, but the customer should neither be informed too much, nor too little. That's when event-based news relevant to the customer was just what they needed. "For me, a healthy company and sensible optimization of work processes are just as important as the satisfaction of our customers. This is the only way to be successful as an online store!", says Sebastian Poll.

Maximum success with minimum effort

Simple integration was also important to the Tradeo team. The uncomplicated, fast and direct integration into plentymarkets was therefore quickly chosen. No plugin is necessary, the reliable data transfer via API is error-free. "The technical documentation from parcelLab was very helpful in this process," explains Poll. "The whole process involved extremely low development effort for us."

Since December 2015, Tradeo has now been using our service, sending shipping messages in case of delays or when a delivery is ready for pickup. After a test phase and the gradual integration of all five shipping service providers, store operators are now pleased with consistently positive evaluations via the rating buttons in e-mails and the absence of negative comments in support. Informed customers are happier customers - and that means a relieved team.


The press release on Tradeo's success is available here.

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