UK Christmas Online Shopping Survey 2018 (Infographic)

Despite the popularity of buying online during the festive season, retailers need to improve the post purchase experience they are providing to their customers.

There’s no denying that the convenience factor is increasing the importance of buying online at Christmas, with 49% of UK consumers making a least half their festive purchases over the internet.

However, there’s no room for complacency from online retailers, who clearly need to up their game once a purchase has been made, with 44% of shoppers saying online delivery is worse at Christmas. This is highlighted by the fact that 86% of online shoppers say a bad experience affects their view of a retailer, with 44% saying this is heightened over the festive period.

The importance of the post-purchase communication

How can online retailers optimize their shipping process? The answer is quite simple: By using personal and individual post-purchase emails. The customer has to know where his parcel is – at any time. This is also the reason retailers should manage the post-purchase communication themselves. By keeping their customers informed about their delivery, online retailers demonstrate that they don’t just sell – but they care and take responsibility for the entire purchase cycle.

Exemplary shipping notifications

Optimize your shipping process by using post-purchase communication

See examples

The infographic below, based on a YouGov survey commissioned by parcelLab, reveals where retailers are going wrong and the importance of the post-purchase experience to consumers.

Infographic – UK Christmas Online Shopping Survey 2018

parcelLab survey about christmas online shopping

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