Better Customer Experience

parcelLab takes your shipping data, enhances it with machine learning algorithms and creates a personalized and emotionalized shopping experience for each individual customer and order.

Shipping is the most emotional part of the customer journey

The customer contact should not stop after clicking the order button, because the shipping phase is often decisive for whether the customer is satisfied with the purchasing process and orders again from the online retailer.

A personalized shopping experience through relevant content

Online retailers can improve the customer experience by providing their customers with relevant additional information, such as video tutorials or assembly instructions.

The right information at the right time

Real-time notifications about their delivery helps customers build trust in a brand, so they are more likely to become loyal.

Differentiation from competition

Anyone can offer low prices, but only with parcelLab can you offer your customers an outstanding shopping experience – even beyond ordering. Differentiate yourself from competition with customer centricity.

Calculate ROI

Want to know how to boost your online revenue? Find out how you can generate more revenue while saving costs with parcelLab.