UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition (Infographic)

parcelLab’s UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition analysed the UK’s top 100 online fashion retailers in the areas of checkout, shipping and returns. The research identified the areas of strength for the businesses and the areas which need improvement. Three ‘best in class’ retailers were then selected for the categories: “Best Customer Experience”, “Best Brand Experience” and “Best Personalisation”.

UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition (Infographic)

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UK E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition


We analysed which payment and shipping options are available, whether customers could guest checkout, how high delivery costs are and how delivery date is communicated.


How do fashion retailers communicate with their customers during delivery? We recorded who communicated during shipping, how many messages retailers and carriers sent, the location of the Track & Trace page and whether it was available immediately.


We looked at which returns options the fashion retailers offer customers, how they communicate and how quickly remittance was received.

Want to know who won our categories? Find out here.

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