The latest trends in website colour schemes

Going neon

New research by global stock photo library Shutterstock has discovered the three most popular trending website colours. So if you’re looking for general colour guidance for your website design, it might be time to go ‘neon’. That’s because the use of these type of colours is on the increase worldwide, says the 2019 Colour Trends report. The study has identified three specific neon hues that have significantly grown in popularity throughout 2018:

1. Proton Purple

Proton Purple is described as vivid and representing the ‘palpable positive charge of our daily lives’. Sounds – or rather looks – like its ideal for your new tech online shop or a streaming platform.

Proton Purple is one of the colour trends for 2019. (source: Dribble by Zoeyshen)

2. UFO Green

The website colour UFO Green, meanwhile, is bright and ‘evokes lush countryside’. This could be for you if you’re selling holidays in the country, or perhaps you’re a garden centre or an onlineshop for sportswear.

UFO Green is one of the colour trends for 2019. (source: Dribble by Adam Isam)

3. Plastik Pink

Reflecting the ‘electric glow of cities at night’, the final trending website colour is Plastic Pink. It’s a sizzling colour with lots of depth. Could be perfect for presenting your urban streetwear collection in the best light!

Plastic Pink is one of the colour trends for 2019. (source: Dribble by Gabe Becker)

Colour my country

Every country also gets its signature website colour depending on what’s popular among its population.
  1. Germany – Germans have apparently gone turquoise.
  2. Great Britain – The Brits on the other hand are turning pink – probably with embarrassment over Brexit!
  3. Japan – The Japanese have come over all lavender blush.
  4. France – France is smouldering with burnt orange.
  5. USA – The US, meanwhile, has gone green – perhaps suffering from Trump sickness.
All these are currently local favourites. So if you’re targeting your ecommerce activity at a particular geography it could be worth considering them for you website colour scheme. Of course, the colour must suit the products you’re selling and your brand. Plus bear in mind that if everyone chose just one colour for their webshops, they’d all look the same. So check our your competition before changing, and consider using the colour in a subtle way.

Here are the colour trends 2019 for each country. (source: Shutterstock)

Digital punch

Commenting on their annual colourfest, Shutterstock’s chief marketing officer Lou Weiss said:
“Whether it’s conscious or not, the colours we choose to represent any given occasion reflect more than just current trends in fashion or design – they have a larger cultural significance. “If we look to the ideas influencing culture today, technology stands at the forefront. There’s tons of energy driving this movement, so it’s no surprise that the top trending colours pack a real digital punch.”

Time for a change?

This would seem to indicate that the top three website colours would be ideal to incorporate into a website design. Just remember that fashion for fashion’s sake never really works. So make sure if you do go for any of these that it’s not clashing with your brand colour scheme. Of course, you could always go mad and change that too! But bear in mind that you might have to do it all again next year!
About the Author: Katharine
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