E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 (Germany): Key Findings

Following the success of our 2018 E-Commerce Shipping Study, we wanted to investigate whether online retail has changed in the last two years in Germany. In order to do this, we placed test orders with the top 100 online retailers and examined data points across the customer journey.

Retailers need to improve their operations experience (OX)

Our 2018 E-Commerce Shipping Study already showed that customer centricity and experience stop after checkout for most retailers. Customers have little influence over which logistics company delivers their package or when they receive it. In addition, communication is neglected during the shipping process. 

Just over a year later, we wanted to know if anything had changed in terms of Operations Experience (OX), i.e. all communication and order processing from when the customer clicks the buy button until the parcel is returned. We once again carried out test orders with the top 100 online retailers (based on EHI Retail Institute and Statista report: E-Commerce Market Germany 2019) and analysed the data.

What did the study find?

The results were mixed. The retailers have improved their communication, but the range of shipping services available has been partially reduced. Overall, there is still a lot to do in terms of retailers providing good operations experience. 

If retailers were to take control back of the customer experience after checkout then they could impress customers far more and create loyal brand advocates. Luckily, the research found that some retailers are already demonstrating how to do this.

E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 (Key Findings)

We have compiled the key findings of the study below:

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