More than ever, consumers are looking for ideas, inspiration, and information about products or services to purchase – as seen from an 80% increase in searches for shopping apps.

E-commerce has benefitted a lot from this new norm, but gaps remain and people are losing trust in online retailers. Having to return and replace the item is time-consuming and stressful. And it is the gap between reality and expectation that is causing lasting damage to the relationships we have with brands.



of US consumers experience delays in shipping and delivery.


want brands to engage with them more during


are frustrated by a lack of sustainable shipping practices.



of US retailers do not provide an estimated delivery time.


do not send a notification to customers on receipt of a returned parcel.


do not offer a carbon-neutral delivery option.

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We’d love to hear your stories of the shopping experiences that you’ve had – good or bad! Whether it’s delays in delivery, lack of communication from retailers, frustrating returns process… But we’re just as keen to hear about amazing, personalized email communications, or when brands have gone out of the way to keep you updated on your order or return.

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