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The parcelLab app for Zendesk: How customer service knows exactly where the customer's parcels are

Published on: Mai 6, 2020

Updated: August 30, 2023

Eine der häufigsten Fragen, die der Kundenservice eines Onlinehändlers zu hören bekommt, lautet: "Wann kommt eigentlich mein Paket?" Hier schafft eine neue App von parcelLab Abhilfe, die über den Zendesk-Marktplatz einfach heruntergeladen werden kann und sich in der Sidebar des Zendesk-Bildschirms nahtlos in den Workflow einfügt.

Entering the order number is enough: Customer says:,,My order number #B007 has not arrived“. App immediately shows the support ticket info e.g. tracking number(s)


If a customer asks about the order status, customer service no longer has to spend an average of two to three minutes researching various systems for the answer, as they did in the past. Instead, they simply have to enter the order number in a user-friendly form, or the number is stored in the support ticket, and receive all the relevant information on the whereabouts of the package in a matter of seconds – including an indication of when this information was last updated. By the way, this support also works for multiple packages per order. If the order number is already stored in the support ticket, the app automatically reads out all relevant tracking statuses and displays them to the support employee. Without a single click, directly available in the data record.

Easy download via Zendesk Marketplace


To install the parcelLab app for Zendesk, employees need admin status. Then they can download and install the app HERE . The configuration works as follows: Users have to enter their parcelLab user ID, which is stored in the customer account on the parcelLab portal. Then they can still specify whether their customers should enter their tracking number via a Zendesk ticket field so that it is stored in the support ticket, or whether support staff should enter it themselves via a simple form field. After saving the settings, the app is usable from the Zendesk screen.

More time for the important customer service questions


Integrating the parcelLab app with Zendesk benefits customer service agents and customers alike. Support is relieved of standard questions and can spend more time on more difficult customer inquiries in the future. In addition, customers will enjoy shorter hotline queues – and courteous service.

An overview of the most important features of the parcelLab app for Zendesk:

  • Seamless integration into the support workflow as a Zendesk sidebar app


  • Quick overview of corresponding tracking numbers and delivery status


  • Support for orders with multiple packages


  • direct link to the corresponding tracking page in the parcelLab portal


More info on integration with Zendesk can be found in our technical documentation.

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