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When the team at MOO reached out to parcelLab, they wanted to ensure that they delivered the same high quality in their experience as their products. The team had noticed that unfortunately, they were delivering inconsistent experiences, which was affecting customer satisfaction.

To achieve their growth ambition, MOO wanted to tackle this head on. Its mission was simple: increase visibility in fulfilment. Shortly after, the team was onboarding with parcelLab. Fast-forward to now, we reflect on the challenges MOO experienced and how our solution helped overcome them.

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Transparency with carriers


Like many e-commerce businesses, MOO used to lose contact with their customers after checkout. Instead, third-party carriers would take over all processes during delivery, making it challenging for the team to monitor the last-mile part of the customer journey.

“Our ability to measure performance versus our customer promise had some big gaps — similar to many
e-commerce companies. We manufacture hundreds of thousands of customized products and ship them all over the world, so we were frustrated that we could only really monitor our own internal dispatch performance, [such as] if we are dispatching orders from our warehouses on time. What happened in transit was unknown and considered to be outside of our control.”

– Calum McGee, Technical Product Owner

MOO was also concerned about delivering inconsistent customer experiences. Because they did not own customer contact after dispatch, upholding high standards became impossible.

“Our second major challenge was the lack of control we had over shipping communications with our customers — relying on the inconsistent and off-brand messages our carriers send to our customers about goods in-flight. Since the last impression is a lasting one, we wanted to change this, and parcelLab gave us an opportunity to tackle our two biggest problems in this space: visibility and agility.”

– Calum McGee, Technical Product Owner

Calum McGee Technical Product Owner Moo

Calum McGee,
Technical Product Owner

“For supply chain, we are using an events-based reporting system which, through the pandemic last year, helped us stay ahead of issues. We monitor the on-the-ground reality of how our carriers perform and where we saw poor performance, we’ve reacted quickly to adjust our promise and proactively communicate issues.”


Dedicated reporting tool


The first step in taking back control of MOO’s customer communication was to identify the events they wanted to say and when. Our team supported with this. Together, we mapped out a communication workflow, highlighting when, how and why their customers would be contacted.

We also planned how MOO could embody its branding in these messages. It’s a great opportunity to inject some personality into what would otherwise be dull, logistics-heavy emails. Now, when a customer receives an email from MOO, it will be easy to differentiate it from any other company they buy from. When they recall buying the product, MOO’s brand–guided experience will be easy to remember.

Our platform helps to combat this through our dedicated reporting tool. It is designed to give teams invaluable insights into their processes post-checkout. It works by translating thousands of carrier statuses, which are often hard to access and understand, into intelligible, user-friendly status codes. These can be easily found within the reporting tool. They include ‘Order processed,’ ‘Pick-up planned,’ ‘In transit’ etc.

This reporting tool is very helpful for customer service teams, who can search and view Status Code for each respective order. So, if a customer calls in with a specific question about an order, the team will quickly be able to find clear answers.

The benefit of this is that it allows e-commerce retailers, like MOO, to not only access the data, but also track and monitor it. That way, it is easier to set goals and see if they’re being achieved. Similarly, you can use the tool to track and report delivery issues, such as lost and damaged packages. This enables you to identify trends, such as consistent damages, frequent delays, issues with addresses etc.

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MOO can track and monitor time stamps and lead times through the reporting tool

This valuable data helps to identify upcoming challenges. It also provides great insights into carrier performance. Furthermore, it helps the team to set realistic, achievable targets for improvement.

Utilizing an Operations Experience Management platform to provide an outstanding customer experience has benefited both the team at MOO and its customers. Firstly, their customers receive a more inviting, relevant experience, with tailored content and real-time updates. But for the team, happy customers mean repeat business!

In the words of MOO, “Retaining your existing customers is often much cheaper than acquiring new ones, and if your delivery experience or the customer promise you make isn’t being met, you are likely experiencing churn. The real winner is the customer.”

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