Hessnatur generated 356% more reviews by reaching customers at the right time

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Increase in product reviews


Higher quality reviews


Hessnatur is a sustainable, ethical fashion brand that has been in business for over 40 years.

Their high-quality clothing, underwear and home textiles made from natural fibers are available in their stores, outlets and online shop.

Hessnatur understands the value of a good reputation.
Particularly for online shoppers who cannot interact with the product themselves, the brand needs to install confidence that their products and services are good quality.

Product descriptions and photos are important, but reviews and testimonials are more influential. Knowing and understanding this Hessnatur aimed to increase the amount and quality of the customer reviews they receive.


Global Net Sales (2019)
USD $47.3 Million
Logistics Partner:
DHL, Hermes, Swiss Post

Increase customer reviews

Hessnatur wanted to generate positive and consistent reviews from their customers to encourage more people to choose their brand. They knew that they had to keep their customers engaged to maximize their chance of getting authentic, fresh reviews.

parcelLab’s smart algorithm enables feedback requests to be sent to the customer at the perfect time which is key because when it comes to reviews timing is crucial.

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Deborah Kirchner,
Online Marketing Manager

“When it comes to asking for product reviews, it’s all about the right timing. With parcelLab, we have tailored the shipping communication to the various stages of the process and our request reaches our customers exactly when they are happy to hold their parcel in their hands and are really ready to evaluate and give feedback.“


User-friendly, omnichannel communication


Our platform enables Hessnatur to inform their customers about all relevant stages during the shipping process.

This includes automated notifications when the order is confirmed, processed, dispatched, if a package could not be delivered or is ready to be picked up and the receipt of any returns.

Our algorithm pinpoints the best time for a customer to receive feedback requests.For example, after a smooth returns process when a customer is feeling impressed by hessnatur’s service, a request is sent to a convenient device.


High-quality customer feedback

Since leveraging our post-sales communication platform, Hessnatur have experienced a 356% increase in organic reviews generated, and the quality of reviews has boosted by 17%.

These fresh, trustworthy reviews have supported them in winning new business by assuring shoppers in their decision-making process.

Impact in numbers


Increase in product reviews


Higher quality reviews

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