Bose: “Our goal is clear: manage customer expectations as well as possible.”

Bose is committed to delivering outstanding end-to-end journeys

Bose is a much-loved brand, best known for its home audio systems and noise-cancelling headphones. The brand has been working with parcelLab to enhance the experience it delivers to its customers. Now, the team has rolled out our solution across Europe to deliver consistent customer experiences with Operations Experience Management.

Recognized as innovators in its industry, Bose develops cutting-edge audio technology, and focuses on the small details that make a big difference. At its core, the brand’s goal is to create products and experiences their customers cannot get anywhere else. We spoke with Tim Volkmann, E-commerce Manager of Europe at Bose, to celebrate the success of our partnership to date and to explore plans for future collaboration.

As a brand that prizes the experience they deliver, it is no surprise that Bose is committed to delivering outstanding end-to-end customer journeys, both online and in-store.

“How important is the post-sales experience when creating a best-in-class customer experience? I think it’s super important. So, on a scale of one to 10, it’s probably nine, or even ten.”

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE

Before working with parcelLab, Bose had been working with a different post-purchase provider but felt they needed a more flexible solution to really meet the demands of their customers. The team decided that they needed a stronger partner to achieve their goals more effectively. When the team at Bose discovered parcelLab, it was our experience in the industry and the flexibility of both our solution and our team that became the catalyst for our partnership. The brand felt the cost/benefit we offered was more favorable over the historic solution that was previously in place.


Communicating with customers through the entire experience

The team at Bose wanted to communicate with customers throughout the whole experience, including after purchase. But their goals went further than this. The team wanted more control over the look and feel of their customer touch points. They were looking for a solution that enabled them to try out different communications templates to identify best practices for their audience.

Bose is engaging companywide in initiatives that improve customer satisfaction. This focus is designed to build an experience for the consumer that reduces their need to contact Bose during the order lifecycle with queries relating to WISMO (“where is my order”?) whilst creating a premium experience for all customers shopping from Bose.

“I think the goal is clear: to manage customer expectations as well as possible. So, we’re industry leading in that sense. I think it will always be a big part of our business.”

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE

BOSE - Your order on the way email for Stan

A proactive communication style

To support Bose with its goal of managing customer expectations, we worked together to design a series of post-sales emails. These touch points are completely customizable, so the team can tweak and perfect the template. Crucially, the emails are white-labelled and direct all customers back into the Bose ecosystem to get more detailed order tracking information. This means that all traffic generated by the emails will be sent back to instead of a third-party site.

The post-dispatch touch points include a bespoke tracking page, that gives customers access to the latest updates on their order. The page is also designed specifically for Bose, with embedded brand content. The team plans to use customer data, including search history and order details, to personalize this experience further. For example, a customer that has bought a pair of headphones may see content for related accessories, like a cushion kit or carry case. This improves the experience for the customer because every interaction is relevant and adds value to their experience.

The benefit does not only sit with customers. With embedded content and a highly engaged audience, email engagement is high. which helps achieve higher customer retention. Plus, the proactive communication style reduces ‘Where is my order’ calls. Bose can guide customers to preferred contact methods, like social media channels, to reduce the inbound calls they generate.


Delivering an engaging customer experience

Since implementing our solution, Bose has seen an impressive 78.5% open rate on transactional emails. The brand’s bespoke order status page, also known as a track and trace page, is available within its own environment, and has had a significant impact on SEO. The team also noted that this page has triggered repeat sales.

I can say that from an SEO perspective, it has certainly helped us. It has certainly helped us to have the page hosted on our own environment. So, the landing page with the shipment information, etc. We have also seen sales from that page.

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE

The team have been able to experiment with, and A/B test, the layout and styling of the communication that they send in order to improve performance. This has given the team a lot of insight into performance, indicating what resonates best with their customers:

“I think that this was one of the main decisions to go with parcelLab because we saw flexibility there, and we really liked the idea, for example, of testing different templates, like doing A/B tests on open rates differ. How does click-rate differ if we put this element up or down, etc?”

“These tests would internally take a lot longer… but really kudos to the parcelLab team here – they have been super flexible, and everything is done really fast!”

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE

As a result of its proactive communication style, Bose has also seen a significant drop in ‘Where is my order?’ (WISMO) inquiries. The team has been able to access more data into shipment times, and has been able to monitor carrier performance and identify any consistent issues that need addressing. This data has informed the feedback that Bose has given to carriers.

The team can also use the shipment times data they receive bi-weekly to better manage expectations with their customers. With parcelLab data the team can ensure that the timelines that they set are based on the latest, most accurate data.

With recent challenges in the industry such as Brexit and the pandemic, having the support of parcelLab has proved helpful for the team. For example, during Brexit, the team realized a flaw in their internal labelling process. As the UK withdrew from the European Union, the team at Bose was faced with a huge challenge:

“We would have needed to turn off our post purchase communication entirely for the UK because we would have sent the customer wrong shipment confirmation numbers.”

“It would have taken us two days to fix the labelling issue manually, but because of parcelLab we could actually send the right shipment, confirmation numbers, etc – it completely solved that flow for us, and helped tremendously.”

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE


Pre-dispatch communications and new markets

Now that the team at Bose has achieved everything that they wanted to, the next step is to go back and refine the experience. The team is currently looking to extend the touch points that they deliver to include pre-dispatch updates. The team has identified that most challenges that they experience in shipping occur with stock management – in that the stock information displayed is not correct or the ATP is under or over-stated. Adding pre-dispatch communications to their Operations Experience Management arsenal will enable them to overcome this pain point for customers. Furthermore, the team is also looking into new markets to roll out our solution.

The team can also explore new ways to maximize the data that there is now access to:

“So how do we integrate it to our general database? How do we integrate it to our data warehouse? What of the data is important for customer service, for example? What of the data is important for the marketing team? What data is important for us as a sales team that we haven’t looked into yet?”

Tim Volkmann, Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe, BOSE

Similarly, the team at Bose is always open to hearing about new ways to communicate with their customers. And the team at parcelLab shares ways in which similar brands are innovating with Operations Experience Management. When these activities are in line with the business goals at Bose, the team is always willing to explore. For example, Bose is currently exploring adding chatbots to their experience, to give customers another way of accessing information on their order.

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