parcelLab app integrates with Zendesk: Customer service agents know instantly where the customer’s parcel is

One of the most common questions that online retailers’ customer service centres hear is “When will my package arrive?”. Most agents would have to search for the answer to this, prolonging the phone call and taking up valuable time they could be answering more queries. This is where the new app from parcelLab comes in. It can be easily downloaded from the Zendesk marketplace and integrates seamlessly into the sidebar of the Zendesk screen.

Simply enter the order number and the app immediately shows the up-to-date tracking info and number(s).

What does this mean for customer service agents?

If a customer calls and asks about their order status, service agents no longer have to spend on average two to three minutes searching for the answer in different systems. Instead, either the number is already attached to the support ticket or they simply have to enter the order number in the designated box and within seconds they are given all the relevant information on the whereabouts of the parcel – including a note on when this information was last updated. This feature also works for split orders.

How do you integrate parcelLab in Zendesk?

In order to install the parcelLab for Zendesk, employees must first ensure they have admin status. Then they can download and install the app here.

The set-up is easy and goes as follows:

  1. Enter parcelLab user ID, which is stored in the customer account in the parcelLab portal
  2. Decide whether you want the customer to enter their tracking number as a Zendesk ticket field so it is stored in the support ticket or whether the support staff should enter it themselves via a form field
  3. Save the settings and the app is ready to be used in Zendesk!

More time for important questions on the customer hotline

By integrating the parcelLab app in Zendesk, both customers and the service agents will reap the benefits. The support team will be relieved of WISMO questions and will be able to devote their precious time to more difficult customer enquiries. The customer will be happy about shorter waiting times on the hotline and they will also receive an enjoyable service.

The most important features of the parcelLab app for Zendesk at a glance:

  • Seamless integration into the support workflow in Zendesk’s app sidebar
  • Quick overview of the corresponding tracking numbers and delivery status
  • View split-orders in one place
  • Direct link to the corresponding tracking page in the parcelLab portal

For more information on integrating the parcelLab app with Zendesk, please refer to our technical documentation.

About the Author: Katharine
Katharine is Head of Marketing Communications - EMEA. An avid shopper, Katharine is passionate about helping retailers understand the importance of efficient post-purchase communications. When she isn’t looking for the latest trends for our blog, Katharine loves discovering new restaurants in London.