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Series C funding gives us the chance to work smarter and scale at pace


Published on: Jun 14, 2021


These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, in the best possible way! I have to say, I think the most exciting part of achieving our Series C funding has been sharing the news with our team. It is such a thrill to experience the genuine passion our people have and how excited they are to see the company succeed. When we first shared the news internally, the reaction was magic. Personally, I found it very cathartic. Only five short years ago – although it feels like a lifetime ago now – the entire team consisted of just myself and my two talented co-founders. Now, with a team of 130 ambitious people from 20+ countries worldwide, the company’s success is credit to all.

Work smarter

I guess the question now is, “So, what’s next?” Well, believe it or not, I think now is a great time for us to take a moment to reflect and ensure we’re applying learnings from the past 5 years. We need to carefully consider how the organization needs to develop in order to achieve our goals. This also means that we have the luxury of sharing the load, bringing in specialists for areas that haven’t been covered historically. We are excited to bring our team with us and conquer new markets, but I want to ensure we don’t rush. I want to strategize about what the opportunities are and where, as well as thinking about what and who we might need with a lot of consideration. With that being said, we are actively hiring across the business. And I do foresee that in the near future, parcelLab will grow strongly.

As well as this, we will be able to pinpoint the best approach possible – our aim is to work smarter, not harder. Additionally, I think it’s important to question our previous approaches. We are a disruptor brand, and we don’t want to lose that agility and willingness to test, tweak and refine. In the short term, we will look to automate and review our existing processes, so we’re not just growing our business – we’re truly scaling.

parcelLab + Operations Experience = The Future

As a team, it goes without saying that we are truly grateful that very experienced investors Insight Partners and Endeit Capital believe in our vision, alongside our existing investors Capnamic Ventures and coparion. Our Series C funding round was very rewarding and makes us even more confident that we’re onto something great. Now, we intend to bring Operations Experience Management to the world stage. We believe that this movement will change how e-commerce brands think and work. The term won’t just be used and understood around the world, but Operations Experience Management will be an active part of each brand’s strategy. It will become an intrinsic foundation of their business. For our valued customers, the investment means that our team will be even more broadly positioned in the future. More specifically, our product capabilities will grow with new and refined features.

And let me tell you – we are ready!

To find out how we secured an $112 million investment into our leading Operations Management Platform, and how we plan to help more brands deliver a seamless experience, read our press release.

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