Benefits of Operations Experience from a customer’s point of view

So much of the time, we find ourselves talking about how Operations Experience can help brands. We’re constantly going on about streamlining processes, branding, engagement, retention and experience. But at the heart of everything we do is the end consumer. Really, it’s the customer that benefits from our solution. Let’s take a closer look at how your customers will benefit from a well-managed Operations Experience 


Research has found that customers want to be kept in the loop with the progress of their delivery. Interestingly, this has significantly increased during the pandemic. Customers are concerned about extended delivery times and low stock. As a result, retailers should be committed to setting the expectation that all relevant updates will be communicated proactively. In addition, delivering an order tracking page, also known as an order status page, really benefits customers. That’s because they can track the status of their order at any time, without having to call in. 

Within the parcel tracking page, brands can use notifications, graphics, maps and more to show the order status. Excitingly, the tracking page tool can also be used to monitor the progression of split orders. This means that the page will clearly differentiate between deliveries, so it’s really clear for the customer when to expect what. In summary, branded tracking pages become a reference point for customers. So, in combination with the proactive messaging, they help build trust in brands 


Another key benefit of managing your end-to-end Operations Experience from your customers’ perspective is that you’re always accessible. As the customer journey progresses, they consistently hear from you. They receive frequent updates and are presented with several opportunities to contact you should they need to. This is great because the customer feels connected with you. And you can direct them to your preferred channel to get in touch. For example, it is common practice for the parcel tracking page to link to a live chat or a chatbot. This tool enables customers to ask any specific question they may have and receive a near-instant response. Or you can direct customers to social media channels with questions to make it more user friendly than calling in.

Furthermore, by managing your Operations Experience, you become equipped to enable omnichannel communication. As a retailer, you want to communicate in the most convenient way for your customer. Meet them where they are. You can send personalized updates on their order status via text or social media messages. Either way, your customers will feel comfortable because they always know how to get hold of you.   


A great benefit of managing your entire Operations Experience is that you can control the standard of communication your customer receives. Gone are the days when third parties send broken links or unintelligible updates to your customers. Instead, what each end user receives is detailed, helpful information on their order. No jargon. Ensuring that the customer receives information that is relevant will also boost engagement. When an email lands in their inbox, they can be confident that the information inside will be valuable and relevant to them. So of course, they keep opening your emails.

And this can go beyond being kept up to date. Add recommended products based on their search and purchase history. Embed valuable content based on their basket. Link to reviews for products they have bought. Encourage them to share photos of their new product in use. All of this will be beneficial to the customer as an individual. It will all contribute to a positive, memorable Operations Experience.  

You know your customers best 

Most of what we do, we do for the benefit of our customers. Clearly, managing your Operations Experience has benefits for your team, but above all it helps your customers. However, you know your customers better than we do. So, we don’t do out-of-the-box solutions. Instead, we will work with to create a journey of your own design. And, every decision you make, you can make with your customers in mind. We’ll help you identify the best ways to support your customers specifically during a demo. It’s a great opportunity to see our platform in action. Or, if you have a question, please feel free to contact us 

About the Author: Dora Birna
Dora is parcelLab’s Vice President of Global Marketing & Growth. When she's not busy creating a strategy to redefine the world of e-commerce, you can find Dora teaching languages, practicing yoga and planning her next travel adventure.