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Lidl adds more innovation to post-purchase communications with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot


Published on: September 9, 2019

Updated: August 29, 2023

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We doubt there is a retailer out there who would turn down increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Indeed, at Lidl the need to meet customer expectations was high on the priority list. As a result, the partnership between Lidl and parcelLab was born.

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Lidl’s Facebook Messenger chatbot increases customer satisfaction

Questions such as “Where is my package?” and “When will my package finally arrive?” have likely been asked more times than a retailer can count. At present with most retailers, customers are left waiting for answers to these questions from Customer Service Agents when in reality they want one immediately.

For Lidl’s customers, the wait is over thanks to parcelLab’s latest feature! Lidl’s new fully integrated and white-labelled Facebook Messenger Chatbot now means customers can receive instant, up-to-date notifications about their delivery. Now LiA (Lidl Assistant) always knows where the customer’s parcel is located.

Why is this important?

Social media users want information in real time. Therefore, implementing a chatbot via Facebook Messenger is the perfect solution to quickly and conveniently provide customers with important shipping updates.

LiA, Lidl’s Facebook Messenger chatbot, answers questions about a parcel’s shipping status.

How does it work?

Setting it up is simple! The chatbot is easily integrated into the Lidl’s Facebook Messenger account.

Then all customers have to do is go to the Facebook page of Lidl Germany and click on the news button. They can then ask LiA questions such as “Where is my nearest store?” or “Where is my package?”.

parcelLab Feature: Facebook Messenger Updates

Would you like to give customers up-to-date delivery notifications via Facebook Messenger? This is just one of the many features parcelLab offers retailers to improve their post-purchase communication. For more details, contact us here.

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