The Impact Of Covid-19 On Customer Experience In Retail (Whitepaper)

Our latest whitepaper “The impact of Covid-19 on customer experience in retail” answers the most frequently asked questions about customer experience and explains why it is so important to optimise this right now. By following the 8 tips we’ve included in the whitepaper, online retailers can offer their customers the best possible shopping experience during Covid-19.

Customer experience during Covid-19

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Now more than ever, it is important to accompany the customer throughout the entire purchasing process and provide them with relevant information. By communicating proactively and reliably about the status of their order, retailers will provide excellent customer experience. Are there problems or delivery delays? Then customers should be informed immediately.

The whitepaper includes the following:

  1. What is customer experience and why is it so important?
  2. Customer experience during coronavirus – why is it more important than ever?
  3. 8 tips to improve the customer experience
  4. How can parcelLab help online retailers improve their customer experience?

Why should retailers download the whitepaper?

Those who optimise their customer experience, especially during Covid-19, can reduce their WISMO enquiries by 25 percent. In doing so, retailers will be rewarded with satisfied and loyal customers. The whitepaper outlines how retailers can do this and why it is important.

Most customer service requests happen during delivery and are caused by bad customer experiences. A good experience is when the online retailer keeps the customer up-to-date on the status of their order and communicates delays proactively. Reliable communication during shipping drastically reduces the number of WISMO calls.

Download the whitepaper here:

About the Author: Katharine
Katharine is Head of Marketing Communications - EMEA. An avid shopper, Katharine is passionate about helping retailers understand the importance of efficient post-purchase communications. When she isn’t looking for the latest trends for our blog, Katharine loves discovering new restaurants in London.