How brands are embracing the latest shopping trends

The team at parcelLab recently hosted an interactive webinar to understand how people plan to embrace shopping trends in 2022.  Julian Krenge, parcelLab CTO and co-founder and Dora Birna, VP Marketing and Growth hosted the event, but it was the attendees that drove the conversation. In this blog, we summarize how the group of experts that attended the event plan to adapt to new shopping trends in 2022.

Brands plan to enhance their post-purchase experiences

33% of attendees believe that improving the post-purchase experience will be a huge trend in 2022. A further 67% say that it’s a reality that brands have to get on board with. Interestingly, 0% of attendees think that the post-purchase experience is an overhyped topic. Clearly, brands are committed to enhancing their post-purchase experience in 2022. But how?

Here’s what our attendees said:

Post-Purchase Experience actions to take in 2022

More brands will experiment with NFTs and cryptocurrency

NFTs, or ‘non-fungible tokens’ are one-of-a-kind digital assets, that are each owned by a particular person. NFTs can include artwork, music and videos. In 2021, forward-thinking global brands adopted NFT collections, and more are expected to follow in 2022.
However, only 6% of our attendees believe NFTs and cryptocurrency are huge trends to prioritize in 2022. Interestingly, 48% disagree, and say that this is a reality that brands must keep up with. Meanwhile, 45% say that NFTs and cryptocurrency are just overhyped buzzwords.

Here’s what our attendees said:

NFT and Cryptocurrency actions to take

AR will be a new reality for brands

Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that features elements of the real world. Uniquely, users can interact with AR in real-time. This opens a wealth of opportunities in the entertainment and retail industries. This topic divided our attendees. While 10% say that AR is an overhyped topic, 45% say it’s a reality brands must get onboard with. Meanwhile, the remaining 45% say it’s a huge trend that they are planning to prioritize in 2022. With so many different opinions, it will be interesting to see how AR makes an impact on shopping trends this year.

Here’s what our attendees said:

AR Augmented reality responses from webinar

Brands will prioritize accessibility

Our attendees unanimously agreed that accessibility would be a key trend this year. 74% agreed that accessibility is a reality that brands must get on board with. Meanwhile, 26% said they are planning to prioritize it in 2022. Currently, a shocking 70% of digital content is inaccessible to those with visual impairments. As a result, brands are missing out on connecting with a huge proportion of their audience. Not only is it poor business, but it is also unethical.

Here’s what our attendees said:

Accessibility actions to take in 2022

More strides will be made towards sustainable business

It is unsurprising that sustainability will continue to be a hot topic in 2022. Research has found that people are now more likely to shop with brands that align with their values. As a result, we have seen brands rethink their product sourcing, packaging, delivery and more to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. 3 in 4 of our attendees agree that sustainability is a reality that brands must keep up with in 2022. A further 24% say that their brand was prioritizing this topic in 2022.

Here’s what our attendees said:

Sustainability actions to take

Live shopping will be a key trend

The rise of live shopping is set to grow in 2022. Live shopping is the process of buying and selling in real-time online. It is similar to television shopping, that sees people watching live presenters pitching products and calling in to buy them in a given timeframe. The main difference is that live shopping now takes place online. It is a great way to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce selling. Brands are able to make a personal connection with the audience by means of a friendly face, something that people sometimes miss when buying online.

Here’s what our attendees said:

Live shopping responses from webinar

What other shopping trends will grow in 2022?

At the end of our webinar, we opened up the floor to the audience. What shopping trends did we miss? We got a lot of responses, but some common ideas came through. Several attendees suggested that customization and personalization would be big topics this year. Similarly, the idea of subscription selling was suggested. Meanwhile, other attendees suggested what we will see more options for deliveries this year. Do you agree with our attendees? Is there anything that we all missed?
Other ideas for upcoming trends responses from webinar

Share your ideas now

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar! It was great to hear so many ideas. We can’t wait to see how our predictions play out in 2022. To get involved in our next event, sign up here. Stay updated with our upcoming events by following us on social.

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