The Essential Guide For E-Commerce Retailers 2019 (White Paper)

The Essential Guide for E-Commerce Retailers 2019 answers all the important questions that online retailers should regularly ask, such as “Do we offer different shipping providers?” and “Are returns easy and convenient for my customers?” The white paper provides answers to the latest retail issues. It shows retailers how to make their delivery customer experience better through trends, tools and innovations.

The Essential Guide for E-Commerce Retailers 2019

The white paper can be downloaded directly here:

12 steps to perfect shipping:

1. Do you offer different shipping service providers? 2. Do you offer additional delivery options? 3. Are you using intelligent chatbots on Facebook Messenger? 4. Do you already use personalised templates for your shipping messages? 5. Is your packaging in corporate branding? 6. Is your logistics partner working sustainably? 7. Do you offer the option of a delivery time slot? 8. Does your carrier deliver on their promises? 9. Can your customer view up-to-date tracking statuses at all times? 10. Do you proactively notify your customers? 11. Can your customer redirect their parcel? 12. Are returns easy and convenient for your customers?
About the Author: Katharine
Katharine is Head of Marketing Communications - EMEA. An avid shopper, Katharine is passionate about helping retailers understand the importance of efficient post-purchase communications. When she isn’t looking for the latest trends for our blog, Katharine loves discovering new restaurants in London.