6 CX events and webinars to attend in 2021

We’ve rounded up some of the best opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired in 2021. These CX events and webinars cover everything you need to know, from the latest tech developments to new ideas and industry challenges. 

Our list of the top CX events for 2021 includes both virtual and live events, on-demand and scheduled webinars. Why? Because we want the best of both worlds! 

Live events might offer the chance to travel, easier networking, and the thrill of a crowd – but virtual events are great for accessibility, inclusion, and busy calendars. So, there’s something in this list to suit everyone. 

CX events to attend in 2021

2021 E-commerce Operations Summit
August 17-18

First, the Ecommerce Operations Summit is billed as “the only event dedicated to future-proofing your ecommerce operations”. And what does that future-proofing look like?

You guessed it…. smart customer service.

Speakers will cover a huge range of topics, from automation and smart shipping to CX strategy, delivery options, and sustainability.

Click here to find out more about the event in Nashville.

OX Fest 2021: Sept 27-Oct 1

Take CX one step further. OX Fest will not be your average e-commerce event. OX Fest is designed to blend the expertise and innovation of different industries with e-commerce trends, and challenge conventional thinking.

At parcelLab’s flagship event, we will be bringing people and brands together from all around the world to push the boundaries of possibility. Hear from A-List speakers from NASA, Shopify and CCP Games and brainstorm with fellow industry experts. 

Apply to attend here.

CX Trends, Challenges and Innovations: September 14-15

The CX Trends event from Customer Contact Week is fully digital this year – and it’s free to attend! Their philosophy: putting customer voices and choices at the heart of CX.

Expect plenty of talks and seminars around customer contact, automation, and AI. Register for a free seat here.

Next Generation Contact Center & CX Best Practices: September 27-29

Next Generation actually offers three events about CX. There are different speaker tracks available for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions. The whole event is run by industry news and networking platform Contact Center World.

This event stands out because it works differently from many other CX conferences and webinars. It’s exclusively dedicated to hearing about best practices from businesses themselves. So it’s a great way to get new ideas, network, and find out what your competitors are up to!

Choose your region and register here.

Upcoming events from parcelLab

See the full line-up of events and webinars from parcelLab in 2021. Register now to secure your place. Watch highlights from previous events on demand.
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