2 simple ways to improve e-commerce communication

2 simple ways to improve e-commerce communication
Published on: Jul 21, 2019
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In 2016, 65 billion packages were shipped worldwide. By 2025 this number will be more than 300 billion - primarily B2C. With a market share of 54 percent, the B2C retailers benefit especially from continued e-commerce growth. This makes logistics an increasingly competitive factor for online and cross-channel retailers. For online orders, successful deliveries are a deciding factor in customer happiness and retention. Retailers looking to grow and dominate in the coming years need to stay ahead of logistical and customer trends. In order to do this, brands need to refine their e-commerce communication to deliver the best possible experience. Here are two simple tips to get you started.

How to improve e-commerce communication

E-commerce retailers should be aligned with their logistics partners on standards of service. This includes a timeframe that the logistics provider needs to complete any customer’s package delivery in. As an e-commerce retailer, it’s worthwhile looking closely at this as duration often varies. A great way to improve transparency in e-commerce communication is to ensure you have control over the quality and quantity of touch points your customers receive.

Provide a live tracking link

Where is my package? When will my order arrive? These are key questions for every customer who has ordered something online. And yet, many companies do not send their customers order tracking information. Customer-centric retailers not only send a tracking link, but with parcelLab they utilize the opportunity to keep their customers in their own shop by sending the customer to a branded tracking page. Let’s compare:

This will allow customers can independently track the status of their shipment. Additionally, depending on the delivery service, it is possible to view the current shipment location. You can customize your tracking link to return back to your shop. This allows you to provide a good experience for your customers but also doubles as a marketing opportunity. You can upsell to your customers in a way that is very cost-effective. Plus, you know that your customers are already interested in what you sell!

Communicate proactively during returns

Returns are a critical issue for retailers, as they are very costly. That being said, it’s worthwhile to make the returns process as easy as possible for the customer. Many online shoppers consider the returns policy before they place their order. Return portals are becoming increasingly important to improve e-commerce communication and processing. Also, when a customer is shipping a return, a proactive approach to customer communication is best. For example, when the return is scanned at the post office, a notification can also be sent.

Control e-commerce communication

In summary, retailers who make their customers feel important will leave a lasting impression. During the shipping experience, proactive customer communication is needed. parcelLab offers you the opportunity to send automated notifications of your own design, within your own ecosystem. We enable omnichannel communication, so you can reach your customers where its most convenient for them. This includes emails, SMS and Facebook Messenger. For the 500+ brands we work with, this results in fewer ‘Where is my order’ inquiries, more repeat purchases and larger online baskets. To see how this works first-hand, find more information about our platform or request a demo here.

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