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10 health and beauty industry experts to follow in 2021


Published on: Sep 4, 2021

Health and beauty experts

The health and beauty industry has changed beyond recognition in the past couple of years. We’ve gone from legacy brands to e-commerce start-ups; product development happening behind closed doors to new DTC brands building in public. And part of that opening up is due to experts who love to share what they’re working on.

So, the parcelLab team have collected 10 of our favorites in 2021. Each one covers a different aspect of the industry, brings a new perspective, or uses a different medium to reach their audience. Ready to be inspired?

The beauty founder

Firstly, Emily Weiss became famous for her access-all-areas beauty blog, Into the Gloss — and then created possibly the most talked-about DTC brand of all, Glossier. The brand is famous for its minimalist packaging, powerful products, and a seriously active online community. Look out for Weiss on Twitter or Instagram, where you’ll see her chat about everything from industry diversity to her pets.

The gut health expert

Understanding your microbiome is one of the biggest trends right now in health and beauty. It might sound a little obscure… but Dr Megan Rossi specializes in explaining health and nutrition news clearly. Check out her Instagram for health tips, dinner inspiration, and debunking of online myths and fads.

The industry journalist

The amount of product releases, press and insider gossip from the health and beauty industry can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have industry journalists to make sense of it all. Gabby Shacknai covers wellness and lifestyle from New York, taking in topics such as the hot trends for next year and celebrity skincare routines. Read the latest in her portfolio.

The e-commerce entrepreneur

The health and beauty industry once had a reputation for moving slowly. No longer: now it’s a pioneer of e-commerce. And Kate Morris is right at the front of the pack, after founding Australia’s biggest online beauty store, Adore Beauty. Its handy website matches concealer and foundation shades. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

The podcaster

Brooke Devard started the Naked Beauty podcast and newsletter in 2016. Since then, she’s built up a global community of listeners who love her coverage of beauty trends, tips, reviews, and personal stories. She also works with Instagram on influencer marketing, a key strategy for e-commerce health and beauty brands.

The DTC growth expert

Aaron Orendorff is VP of marketing at Common Thread Collective, a DTC growth platform — which means there’s nothing he doesn’t know about building an e-commerce business. Check out his Twitter for trends, analysis, and tips for health and beauty brands that are ready to make it big.

The make-up artist

It’s safe to say that DTC beauty would never have become such big business without online influencers. They’ve provided inspiration and encouragement to customers, while holding brands to high standards of quality and inclusivity. Jackie Aina is a make-up artist who turned her practice into a thriving YouTube channel, where she shares beauty routines and honest product reviews with a special focus on dark skin.

The big-brand beauty expert

For the ultimate in inside information, follow Khalea Underwood. She’s a well-known beauty writer and editor who now works on editorial for MAC cosmetics. In other words, she knows everything that goes on in health and beauty. And she regularly works on celebrity interviews, industry panels, and special Fashion Week reports.

The beauty editor

Glossy magazines can make or break a beauty brand. They’ve seen everything, tried everything, reviewed everything… and they know what works. Chloe Hall is beauty director at ELLE, covering everything from hair and make-up to health and fitness. And her Instagram is full of magazine covers, article previews, and outfit inspo.

The YouTuber

Fast heading towards 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Kayley Melissa is the queen of haircare. Subscribers love her easy tutorials and wellness tips, as well as her honest product reviews and recommendations. So, make sure to keep an eye on her channel for upcoming trends and insights into how people use health and beauty products every day.Looking for more insider insights about the health and beauty industry? Check out our report on Operations Experience in the UK Health and Beauty industry.

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